Baby Mantises & Uranus

Baby Mantises & Uranus

On May 15th, two things happened; the praying mantis egg cases I had kept inside of a jar hatched, and the planet Uranus entered into the sign of Taurus. The significance of these two events did not escape me, but I did end up having to catch the hundred or so baby mantises that had ‘escaped’ into my home.

I discovered two praying mantis egg cases after cleaning out my herb garden, so I put them in a glass jar and placed the jar on a windowsill. I had pretty much forgotten about it until my cat started batting her paw on the glass a month later. Eureka! The little critters hatched!

After admiring the newly hatched barins (Scottish term for a child), I laid the jar next to the mint growing like stinkweed in my garden and released them into the world where they belong. Luckily, I had the sense to tilt the jar on an angle because it poured that evening — I mean like mantis cats and dogs! And it continued to rain for the next four days. I thought for sure they would drown, but on the fifth day the sun emerged from the soaking-sponge clouds and lo and behold, mantis heaven!

I brought the empty egg cases back inside after a few days and placed them on top of a framed picture hanging in my art room (den). I was at my art table working on a project a week and a half later when a baby mantis hopped across my latest coloring art sketch. Puzzled, I looked up and found them crawling on the ceiling. Did you know that an egg case can have anywhere from 50 – 200 mantises?

Needless to say, I spent the remainder of that night and the next few days catching the critters and taking them outside. It was exhausting but now I can safely say that I am ‘mantis-free’.

Praying Mantis as a totem or symbol suggests the ability to stay focused for long periods of time. This is something I need since I get distracted too easily and want to redirect that energy toward my goals. Praying Mantis could be telling you to make time for prayer and meditation. It is a symbol of inner stillness and a nudge to slow down. Mantis is also the prophet or seer and is a lucky omen (just don’t kill one or it could bring bad luck).

So let me get to the planet Uranus before I wrap this up. It’s a big deal when an outer planet like Uranus changes signs, especially Taurus because Taurus is a sign that rules the earth. Uranus is the planet that rules technology, innovation, intuition, change and freedom and Taurus is the sign that rules stability, status quo, sensuality, money, and tangibles, among other things. Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus for the next seven years. My least favorite planetary attribute is its unpredictability. Mr. Uranus can cause disruptions via sudden change, oh boy!

Expect some big changes on our beloved planet during this momentous transit. On a global level, there will be many new innovations with regard to the financial world, the earth, and in housing, food production or farming, and in the care of the environment. The earth itself is slated to go through some changes herself, so expect more earthquakes and volcanoes and possibly the start of a cooling period later, BUT I don’t believe that it will be cataclysmic, although there may be some challenges. Humanity will survive, innovate, and then thrive—you can count on it!

So what do the symbols of Uranus and Praying Mantis signify? Since the egg casings were found by my front door, an ‘open door’ represents a new beginning, and the eggs, plus the birth of the mantids, are also new beginnings. And Uranus BEGAN it’s transit in Taurus that same day. So, yeah, a new beginning seems to be the overall theme here, but also about taking time for meditation and envisioning so that I am CREATING my future, not just blindly bumping along the road without a clue.

On a global level, I feel that it is a GREAT OMEN for humanity! The combination of the mantis eggs and Uranus heralds a new kind of spiritual freedom and growth. We finally reached a critical point and are leaving this very yucky paradigm behind—thank goodness! My prediction is that you will see the rise of PEOPLE POWER, especially women. The ‘little people’ are not going to take it anymore.

What do you think the symbols mean?

Here is a brief look at what the Uranus transit through Taurus will mean for each of the Astrological Signs during the next seven years.

ARIES: Concerns about security, and your attitude about money may shift. Changes to your daily routine. You want freedom and are tired of old routines.

TAURUS: It will affect your energy and you could become more truthful about who you are and could express yourself more radically.

GEMINI: Release of secrets or addictions, and from any limitations and delays you’ve had to put up with in the past. Also finding hidden resources.

CANCER: Lots of changes with friends, groups and social networks; making new ones or letting old ones go. Changes to your hopes, wishes and dreams.

LEO: Unexpected accomplishments. Change in status and reputation, and of finding a true career and life purpose.

VIRGO: Evolved levels of consciousness. Could be going back to school or learning something new. Possibility of moving to a foreign land or of deep mental exploration.

LIBRA: Rebirth of Self or a change in partner’s resources. Financial matters could be totally transformed. Strong desire to change.

SCORPIO: Significant new partnerships forming, or old ones breaking down and/or restructuring to give you more freedom. Could meet someone from far away.

SAGITTARIUS: Daily life will shift. Tired of being on the same schedule. Could have multiple jobs instead of one to find something more liberating. Unorthodox ways of healing and health routines.

CAPRICORN: Unexpected changes involving children or creativity or multiple romances. More energy given to romance and fun.

AQUARIUS: Possibility of a sudden move or change of status or restructuring with regards to home and/or family. Fighting for independence in the way you live.

PISCES: New ways of communicating. Changes in the neighborhood and/or with siblings. May try to heal early childhood wounds. Start of writing or public speaking.



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