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I loved being a kid and guess what? I never grew up! I still love to use my imagination and some days I imagine that I’m a princess in a sparkling pink castle or a pirate hunting for treasure on an island full of dangerous animals, or sometimes I’m an eagle flying over majestic purple mountains and at other times I’m a beautiful mermaid swimming in the turquoise sea with dolphins.


When I look up at the starry sky at night, I imagine I’m on a space ship traveling to distant planets. I still climb trees, build sand castles, swim in the ocean, roll down a grassy hills, play in the snow, make arts and crafts, play board games, roller skate, go bowling, bake cookies (and eat them right out of the oven) and laugh until my belly hurts!


Being a grown up can be really boring sometimes with bills to pay, work to do, and lots of responsibilities (driving a car is great fun though). That’s why I’d rather be a kid. But yeah, kids don’t have the same freedoms we adults have, and you get all of that homework to do (yuck). But I found the way to have the best of both worlds; I take some time for fun every single day.


More fun stuff will be added to this page in the future, including videos, so come back for a visit to see what’s new!

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