Spirit Animal Portraits

Let Shelley Create a Beautiful Portrait of Your Spirit Animal

Embrace Your Mystical!

What is a Spirit Animal Painting?        


Shelley Shayner, the Artistic Mystic, will connect with your higher Self and find your spirit animal through a shamanic drum journey. She will paint a beautiful acrylic painting of the animal that you can work with, to learn more about yourself and create a relationship with your animal guide. This animal will aid you on your soul’s journey throughout your life while you walk the ‘good red road’.


Your spirit animal often represents qualities you may see in yourself or attributes you need to help you with your goals. This animal is an archetypal figure in your life, a symbolic representation of you. Pay attention to the specific behaviors, character traits, habitat, diet and social status of your spirit animal. Can you see any similarities?


In shamanism, a spirit animal guide is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn, acquire, or embody. It can also be a protector if you do Spiritual work. Animal Guides have been used in shamanistic practice throughout human history. Ancient tribes, religions, and spiritual traditions have all in some form embedded animal symbolism into their practices.


Reasons to have a Spirit Animal Painting done:


  • For the New Year to have a spirit animal guide to work with
  • For your birthday to work with a spirit animal guide from your birthday to the next
  • For a child who has nightmares or is bullied.  An animal guide can be a soothing companion
  • If you are going through an illness, working with the animal guide can aid you in finding answers
  • When working on a special project for direction
  • Because you love animals and want to start working with them spiritually

With a B.A. in Illustration, and awards for her artwork, Shelley has the technical skills as well as the shamanic experience to create an outstanding portrait of your spirit animal. All of her work is created with superb attention to detail and every portrait is made with the highest quality. She will strive to capture the essence and personality of your spirit animal through gesture, color, composition and her intuitive guidance. Primed cotton canvas with acrylic paint is my chosen medium.




8×10 – $250

11×14 – $300

12×16 – $400

16×20 – $500



  • A 30-minute consultation by phone or zoom is required before I start work
  • I will go on a shamanic drum journey to find your spirit animal
  • Every painting is done in acrylic paint on canvas and includes a custom background
  • Package includes a short write-up of your spirit animal symbolism




How I Work

Step 1 – Consultation

To commission your own spirit animal portrait, simply email me to get started. I will contact you to set up an appointment for the consultation. The consultation helps me to tune into your energy and learn more about you. You may already know of your spirit animal and wish to share that information with me. If so, I will still go on a shamanic drum journey to meet your spirit animal myself and note how it appears or feels and what message it wants to impart.



Step 2 – Order Details

Please choose which spirit animal portrait size you would like and include any special requests.  Turnaround time for spirit animal portraits is within 1-3 months although this can vary according to my workload.



Step 3 – Deposit

I will send you an invoice and a request for a deposit of $100, which is required to secure the commission of your spirit animal portrait. Payment can be made via Credit Card or Paypal.  The balance is to be paid upon completion.



Step 4 – Finish

Once your spirit animal portrait is finished I will email you an image of the painting to see if you are happy with the result, and if any adjustments need to be made.



Step 5 – Final Payment and Delivery

Once you are satisfied with your finished spirit animal portrait and the remaining balance has been paid, I will organize shipping*.  Your artwork will be securely packaged and fully protected in transit. I will also include a short write-up of your spirit animal symbolism

*Shipping is not included. Cost will cover ground delivery and insurance.

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