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Discover Your Spirit Animal

Having a relationship with Spirit Animals can change your life. They will give you the guidance, inspiration, and support that you need most. These animals will become your trusted allies and wisest teachers, as they reveal the magic and wonder of their world to you.


Discover Your Spirit Animal helps you recapture your ancient connection to Spirit Animals and access their healing powers. You’ll be delighted with the practical tools and techniques that will show you how to identify and work with Spirit Animals, as well as communicate with them.


You will revel in the feelings of aliveness, joy, and comfort, as these Spirit Animals become a part of you.


• Meet your Spirit Animal and form a long-lasting partnership
• Discover your unique Shamanic path
• Learn how to interpret Spirit Animal messages
• Experience mental and emotional wellbeing
• Gain increased intuition, creativity, and empowerment
• Understand the deeper meaning behind any sign or symbol
• Learn how to use a Shamanic drum
• Easy-to-use methods for increasing your intuition
• Over 100 Spirit Animal definitions
• Enjoy the stories of Spirit Animal encounters

This insightful book brings light to the every day encounters with animals and the meanings behind what seems like a chance meeting. I really appreciated learning how to derive meaning and true connection from animals, and what they are trying to teach us. This book will bring you joy and a refreshing and unique view as you learn how to form a lifelong connection with your spirit animal! It oozes inspiration and natural healing. Bravo!” – Kevin from New Jersey




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