The Dreylyng Prophecy book

The destiny of a lifetime in a stirring adventure fantasy
is just the beginning in this first book of the Ogalon series.

$13.99 paperback

The Dreylyng Prophecy

Haley always knew she was a little different from the other kids. Not quite ‘normal.’ But she had never thought just how different she might be until, one day, an armor-plated dragonfly brought a warning. Sorceress Nergalla was coming for her.


When Haley discovers her mother’s shocking secret, the strange and mysterious world of Ogalon is revealed to her. Haley knows she must go there to release her mother from the sorceress’ curse and save her kidnapped twin brother from Nergalla’s diabolical plans. Unknown dangers lie ahead, but new allies Tor and his friend Adara agree to help Haley liberate her family—for a price.


In order to receive their help, she must undergo punishing training so that she can fulfill an ancient prophecy that will free them and Ogalon from a terrible curse. But she will have to accept her new identity and face one of her greatest fears.


Haley quickly learns that her quest is not an easy one. But if she fails, they will all be plunged into a living nightmare.

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“If you like to escape reality and immerse yourself in another world, you will love this book. I can’t wait for the next one!” – Regina


Tall Tales & Short Stories

Bad drivers (and worse drivers); a three-legged pony named Catsup; a vengeful spirit returned from the dead; the declining years of a couple, one aged in body, one in mind; a solitary morning at the shore; toddler-sized hazmat suits; and realizing the life you didn’t sign up for isn’t so bad after all.


This anthology of short stories from the South Jersey Writers’ Group brings the reader through all phases of life (and the afterlife). With tales ranging from comical to bizarre and everything in between, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey represents a unique cross-section of contemporary American writing.

$9.99 paperback


Dreams & Premonitions

Understand your dreams and premonitions through these amazing 101 stories of miracles, divine intervention, and insight.


Your dreams and premonitions can change your life. They are a window into what you subconsciously know, and they can also be a look into the unknown, delivering guidance from loved ones who have passed on and from other mysterious sources. Listen to your dreams; learn from them. They can provide you with unconventional— yet genius-level—guidance.


You will be amazed by these 101 enlightening true stories from ordinary people who have experienced the extraordinary and tapped into life-changing wisdom. They will encourage you to listen to your dreams and your inner voice.

$14.95 paperback