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Unique one-on-one Tarot Readings are offered over the phone or on ZOOM, and I have several great specialty readings too.

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Tarot Readings

tarot reading 30 minutes


We start out with the general atmosphere surrounding you for the upcoming year (6-12 months), including any channeled messages from Spirit. From there you get to ask your most pressing questions. At the end of the reading, I will tie everything together. Do you have more questions? Would you like to go deeper? Choose a longer session and we can dive deep into your life!

tarot reading 45 minutes


If you want more time than a 30-minute session but don’t need a full hour, then the 45-minute session is just right for you! Of course, we will start out with the overall general atmosphere for the upcoming year. From there, you will have plenty of time to ask your questions and get a channeled message from Spirit. At the end of the reading, I will tie everything together.

tarot reading 60 minutes


The 60-minute session will allow you to dive very deep into your life! We will start out with the overall general atmosphere for the upcoming year, and there will be plenty of time to ask your questions and get channeled messages from Spirit or departed Loved Ones. A final wrap-up will end the reading on a beautiful note of clarity, inspiration and healing.

Specialty Readings

email tarot reading


Perhaps you just have a few questions that you want insight on and don’t want to chat on the phone, or Zoom—if so, then my 3 question email reading is the perfect fit for you! I will give you in-depth answers and insights to each of your questions. Please provide me with as much detail as possible with each pressing question to get the best reading. Turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

spiritual coaching


This illuminating and life changing session will provide you with true guidance and support to help you on your journey. We will dive deep into your current situation and come up with grounded, practical solutions to your challenges, whether it’s financial, work, career, relationships, health or discovering your life purpose. We will also look at any messages coming from your dreams and synchronicities.

spirit animal reading


Spirit animals hold power and knowledge that help us reconnect to the deepest part of ourselves. Experience a guided meditation with shamanic drumming, to discover your very own Spirit animal. Don’t worry if you can’t find anything during the Drum Journey, I can find it for you. After, we discuss the messages and signs that occurred, and the special relationship this animal has with you.

dream alchemy reading


A powerful healing session to dive deep into your dream to decipher its symbolic meaning. Discover your own personal symbols by exploring your subconscious warehouse. Gain a deeper understanding about the nature of your own subconscious and accelerate your personal growth. Heal from past wounds and have a happier life. Recognize if your dream was truly a visit from a departed loved one.


I also offer Past Life Readings, Pendulum Healing, Shamanic Healing, and Reiki (distance & in-person). If you want to learn more about these services and pricing please contact me.


Pick the type of reading that you want, then book a reading. If you have any questions use the CONTACT page. At the time of the appointment, we meet on the Phone or on ZOOM to discuss your most pressing questions and concerns and I will use my Tarot and other decks to share my insights during your reading. Specialty Readings will be slightly different, depending on the type of service being offered.


I live on the East Coast, and work Monday through Friday (12 pm – 5 pm EST) and some evenings (7pm – 9 pm EST).


During your reading, I will look into the energies surrounding you for the upcoming year, answer your questions and explore the possibilities and potentials before you, to help you to navigate the current terrain of your life. My goal is to provide you with answers, clarity and/or solutions. I can see what is happening in your past, present and future as well as the energies/emotions surrounding any situation that may be preventing you from moving forward or getting what you want. The Tarot cards tell me the story of your life, but you decide the ending by your choices. The Tarot can give a ‘heads up’ so you can make a course correction if need be, or continue on full speed ahead!


I’m a fast reader but the more time we spend together, the deeper we can go.


I  sometimes get messages from departed loved ones, but I don’t claim to be a Medium. I’m a true Clairvoyant and Channel for the higher dimensions (Spirit, Angels, Guides). This allows me to give you clear guidance during the reading. If you do want to know about a departed loved one, just ask, and I will do a reading on this for you.


Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment for rescheduling or 100% Refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment will be refunded 50% or must be rescheduled within three weeks.


The services of Shelley Shayner, LLC are not a substitute for physical or psychological diagnosis and treatment, and are not intended to replace your doctor or any other health care professional.


You must be at least 18 years of age to use Shelley Shayner’s Intuitive Services.


Shelley is a gifted Intuitive, Clairvoyant and an expert Tarot Reader, as well as an Empathic Energy Healer (Shamanic) and a Dream Expert. She can relay messages directly from Spirit. She was born with visionary gifts but didn’t develop them until she went through a ‘dark night of the soul’ experience. Spirit called and she answered! She then went on a Spiritual Journey that blew her socks off! She spent over 25 years developing her psychic gifts through training with teachers and experts in spiritual and energy modalities, educational classes, intense self-study, and experience. She will give you compassionate insight, guidance, and the support that you need to help you accomplish your goals, or to live your dream. She knows that we all get stuck and confused sometimes, and it can be a blessing to get answers on a current situation so that you can make the wisest choice.


Her cards are connected to Spirit, because she is a true channel for Higher Frequencies. This allows her to relay information directly so that it cuts through the surface to reveal the truth of a situation. She is honest and will tell you what she sees, but she is also compassionate and very understanding. Her goal is to provide you with answers, clarity and/or solutions. She can see what is happening in your past, present and future as well as the energies/emotions surrounding the situation that may be preventing you from moving forward or getting what you want.


She uses the Tarot, as well as Lenormand, but she also uses oracle cards, such as Native American Spirit and Animal Medicine cards because she’s very connected to that energy. She has other areas of expertise that she can help you with as well, including, meditation, prayer, manifesting, animal totems, dream interpretation and more. Feel free to ask her about these other methods and practices during our session and she will be happy to include them for you!


She can provide details on any situation and specializes in Relationships, Career and Life Changes. She won’t judge and will give you honest and compassionate guidance to your questions and concerns, or to assist you with any challenge. She will provide you with accurate insight and clarity on any topic, including career, money, romance, relationships, spiritual guidance and more. She’s straightforward, considerate, and kind. Do you seek meaningful answers about your relationships? Want to know what he/she is thinking or feeling? Are you searching for the next career move? Are you having trouble making decisions? Need answers or guidance to help make your dreams come true? Let her help you find the answers.