Meet Shelley

Meet Shelley Shayner

Shelley Shayner


Author | Artist | Intuitive

Shelley Shayner was born in Philadelphia, PA and spent her childhood in Laurel Springs, NJ — a square mile town whose claim to fame is the Walt Whitman house; the American poet spent a few summers there. Both of her parents, an art teacher and an elementary school teacher encouraged her to explore her artistic talents at an early age. Shelley went on to earn a B.A. in Illustration at Rowan University. She originally set out to be a wildlife artist and later opted for a career in Graphic Design, but she never stopped drawing and painting and continues to sell her art online. Shelley always loved to read and write, but it was some years later that she was bitten by the ‘writing bug’ and began her writing career in earnest after having a series of dreams that confirmed she was on the right path.

She writes mystical fantasy for Middle Grade and Young Adult. She has written and published several short stories for adults and writes about a variety of topics on her blog. She also has a picture book idea in the works. Shelley is someone who embraces her magical child heart with joy and laughter and believes that life is much more fun with imagination in the driver’s seat.


Shelley has a variety of interests apart from writing and drawing, including anything mystical, teaching, baking, cooking, gardening, reading, nature walks, traveling and swimming. Some of her favorite things are: white puffy clouds, sunshine, oceans, fires, autumn days, snow, dreaming, fairies, flowers, animals, Indian food, cupcakes, and pretty clothes. Things she hates: ugly shoes, deception, GMOs.


With a hot cup of Earl Grey tea in her hand, she will gladly discuss the cosmos, or the dream that you had last night, or the meaning behind the synchronistic events that happen in your life via the signs and symbols coming from the Universe.


Hint: If you happen to notice an Ant crossing your path, she’s telling you to be patient about something. If you see a Hawk, pay attention to messages coming your way. And if it’s a Skunk—run! No, really, Skunk Medicine isn’t bad. It has to do with your reputation, and if you respect yourself you will create a powerful and honored one. To see an Eagle means a Spiritual test is coming.


She is also a member and resident Graphic Designer for the S.J.W.G (South Jersey Writer’s Group), and designs the book covers for Hypothetical Press, the group’s publishing arm.


Shelley currently lives in Blackwood, NJ with her cat Jasper.

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