Spirit Animal Armadillo

Spirit Animal Armadillo

The word armadillo is Spanish, which means, little armored one. This Spirit Animal will show you how to protect yourself and your vulnerable side. Since the armadillo wears armor, this can suggest a past life connection to knights and chivalry. In Christianity, armor is used a symbol of protection against evil. To the Native Americans, the armadillo represents self-preservation, protection, and strength.

One of the major themes in my life has been having to set strong boundaries, and for a period of time the armadillo was always making an appearance! At times, I had to speak my truth or walk away from situations, jobs, or people that were abusive or not aligned with my beliefs or goals in life. This happened more often as I grew Spiritually, so that being in the company of negative people and environments became intolerable. And this expanded into other areas of my life; I stopped watching the news or violent movies and T.V. shows, and I no longer read horror books or dystopian novels, etc. Yes, negative things do happen in life but I do not focus on them or engage in repetitive negative thoughts, since what you focus on creates your world. It is a daily challenge, since most of the world is running on default negative programming, but it gets much easier with practice, and the benefits are worth it!

Armadillo is a perfect symbol for setting strong boundaries, as well as using discrimination. When you see an armadillo, it is reminding you to protect your sacred space. There may be a situation in which you need a clear set of boundaries with someone who does not respect you, or your space. Take the time to define what is important to you: what you want and don’t want; what you will do and won’t do.

This armored animal can also signal a time to retreat, rather than butt heads with someone or, with circumstances that won’t budge. Discernment is an important skill to learn on the spiritual path, and armadillo is a great teacher; if something doesn’t ‘smell’ right, then beat a retreat! At other times, armadillo can mean that we may have too much armor on because we are afraid of feeling vulnerable. If this is the case, get in touch with your fears of failure or rejection.



Armadillo’s possess a carapace made up of bony plates covering its head to its tail, but the underside is covered in skin and is vulnerable. Armadillo belongs to the sloth and anteater family. When it feels threatened, the armadillo will roll itself up into a ball. It lives in burrows, which it creates with its powerful claws that were made for digging and defense. Armadillos will live alone, in pairs, or in small groups. They leave their burrows at night to hunt, and use their keen sense of smell to locate food; they feed primarily on insects. Armadillos can have 1-12 young; their lifespan is from 12-15 years.

Affirmation: I honor, respect, and love myself; I am lovable.



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