Spirit Animal Butterfly

Spirit Animal Butterfly

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation because of its life cycle: the egg stage, larval stage, chrysalis stage and finally, the birth stage. Seeing a butterfly could be a sign that a metamorphosis is about to take place in some part of your life, especially if something has become stagnant or no longer is relevant. One time, in particular, I had come across a group of five swallowtail butterflies drinking salts from the mud. I knew it was a sign that I had done a lot of inner work (transformation), since I had just worked on a powerful dream with my Dream Group the night before. Our group consisted of five women; hence the five butterflies.

In the ancient world, the butterfly was a symbol for the Great Mother. In Greece, the butterfly represents immortality. The Celtic peoples, as well as the early Christians, saw it as a symbol for the soul. In China, it is a symbol for conjugal happiness. To the Native Americans, the butterfly is a symbol for color, as well as joy. Take note of each color on the butterfly wing to gain a deeper understanding of its particular meaning.

If this Spirit Animal makes an appearance, it is time to redesign some aspect of your life. Are you in the beginning stages of a project and feel stuck? Take a look at what resources you have that can help you take the next step. The butterfly could also be telling you to pay attention to the conflicts or issues that you are experiencing and to see what needs to change. Butterflies dance joyfully from flower to flower—where can you add more joy and color to your life? Where can you lighten up? Regardless of your circumstances, the butterfly is a welcome omen of change and a beautiful companion on your journey.


Special sensors on a butterfly’s feet allow it to taste their food; most butterflies feed on nectar from flowers and they have a long thin tubular proboscis that acts like a straw to eat the nectar. The brightly colored wings are covered in tiny scales, but the wings fade and become ragged as they age. The Monarch butterfly is the only insect that can fly over 2500 miles. The metamorphosis from the egg to the adult takes approximately 30 days (Monarch).


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll



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