Animal Symbolism—Grasshopper

My cat Jasper saying hello to the grasshopper.

I’m still amazed when an animal, or in this case, an insect appears so that there can be no mistake about the importance or right timing of its message. Its the middle of November so I wasn’t expecting to see a grasshopper sunning itself on my window ledge but there he was, soaking up the warm rays as if he were sitting on a white sand beach dotted with sea shells somewhere in the Florida Keys.

He got my attention, this messenger of the Hopping Gods. I’ve been going through some challenges of late (like a lot of people that I know these days) and that’s usually when I have an animal sighting, or unusual dreams, and I did have a dream this week about an actress, Hyacinth Bucket on Keeping Up Appearances. She was rollerblading with ease and I interpreted that to mean that I would sail through my current difficulties.

I see these timely messages now as the Universe/Goddess/God leaving me a message on my cell, “Hi Shelley, I just wanted to remind you to (fill in the blank). You’re doing a great job, and don’t forget that we love you! Cheers, the Universe.”

The last time I remember seeing a grasshopper, I was in a quandary of whether to expand my Tarot business beyond my comfort zone. I was reading for a client at a Pilate’s studio and saw the grasshopper on a windowsill. Later that day, I got offered to read people on a regular basis at the studio and I decided to take the leap because of the grasshopper sighting. It turned out to be worthwhile. If I had played it ‘safe’ I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities that opened up later on.

Grasshopper’s main message is to leap forward.

According to Ted Andrews in his book, Animal Speak, grasshoppers have a knack for knowing when to make a leap. Seeing one is reminding you to trust your gut and own instincts, to listen to your inner knowing.

Sometimes a grasshopper will show up if you are afraid to make a change in your life and leap into something brand new. Life can become difficult when we say no to life’s nudge to move forward.

Are there any leaps that you want to make but are afraid to try?

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?

What does your inner voice have to say?

In my case, I believe the message imparted by grasshopper was to keep leaping forward with the changes I’ve been making on the health front, career and my own happiness. This is not the time to go back into my comfort zone. Some of the changes haven’t been easy because I had to confront my own fears and well-worn habits but it has been well worth the effort. And Jasper agrees!


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Shelley Shayner

Also known as the Artistic Mystic, Shelley is a published author, an award-winning artist, and an intuitive. She has written and illustrated children’s books, adult non-fiction books, and journals. She has a B.A. in Illustration and there is always a painting in progress on her easel; her favorite subject matter is animals, nature, or some kind of fantasy. Shelley is also a spiritual advisor, a Reiki master, and a dream expert. She teaches workshops on Spirit Animals, Dreams, and Art.

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 12:06h, 14 June Reply

    I found your post because I too saw a beautiful big grasshopper walk across my window while on a call about making a big scary change in my life and listening to my heart. Thanks for the post that validated what I was feeling about this spirit animal sighting.

    • Shelley Shayner
      Posted at 10:41h, 23 June Reply

      You are welcome! I love it when I see a grasshopper, especially when I feel stuck, because it let’s me know that I can take a big leap forward and who doesn’t like that? I wish you all the best in the change you are making; many blessings to you!

  • Amber
    Posted at 06:30h, 01 June Reply

    Beautiful, grasshopper showed up twice today! Take the leap it says.

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