Animal Symbolism—Sparrow

Animal Symbolism—Sparrow

Sparrows like to frequent my bird feeder often, voraciously eating the seeds like a bird twice its size. It’s a common bird, the Sparrow, and not as pretty as a Cardinal or an Indigo Blue Bunting (my favorite), but like every animal on this planet, each has its gifts to share with us. And don’t let the size of this feisty little brown bird fool you either, for it is a survivor, and according to Animal Symbolist, Ted Andrews*, it symbolizes the awakening and triumph of the common nobility.

Sparrow has come to symbolize humanity for me and whenever I see a few of them gathered around my bird feeder, I am reminded of the great changes that are taking place on our lovely blue planet, changes that are cooking nicely in the alchemical cauldron, and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate. Humanity, the common folk, is about to experience a new level of freedom, a freedom that has never been experienced before, except by a few Mystics.

The natives are restless.

Just read the news and you’ll notice that something big is brewing. I believe that people are starting to awaken to their own power and their own inherent nobility. Just watching the Arab Spring take hold in the Middle East this spring and summer, and our own country’s Occupy Movement (99% vs. 1%) take root this fall, has given me all the proof that I need.

Sparrow also represents assertiveness and the will to survive, as well as community and dignity. If a sparrow shows up in your life, you may want to ask yourself if you have misplaced your self-worth? Is there a tyrant in the midst, threatening to weaken your self esteem? Open up your heart instead, remembering that you are a human being, noble and deserving of dignity, and respect, then stand up to any type of tyrannical behavior in your life or the world at large.

As humanity rapidly awakens to the truth of who they are, I am reminded of a prophetic dream that I had a few years ago, which made it clear to me that humanity would rise up, refusing to be shackled and enslaved by the power elite (1%) any longer. This was the signal that I had been waiting for, the one that would herald the end of the dark Ones rule (mostly hidden) on our planet, a rule that has lasted for millenia.

Here is the dream.

I AM STANDING IN A FIELD with about thirty children. They stop playing suddenly, throw up their hands, and release sparrows into the air. I watch the birds as they form a circle above me, and inside of their circle formation, four wolves appear, glowing with ethereal light.

One of the children, a blonde girl, smiles at me, then takes my hand. She pulls me towards a tree, gesturing that I go with her. She points to the ground by the roots of the tree, and there, sitting in a pool of thick mud is a creature not of this earth. A demon like reptile, much like a giant toad with armor, looks at me menacingly with it’s snake-like eye (it only had one) in the center of its hideous head. What strikes me right away is that this creature is extremely powerful, ancient and evil. I could feel its malice towards me, wanting to kill me on the spot. I also know, telepathically that it wanted the freedom to roam the Earth, to dominate it, but it could not leave its hellish mud hole. It was waiting for the right frequency, one of a lower vibration that would allow it to leave. (War will do that to people and the Earth, lower its frequency. It is the worst thing that can happen as it allows darkness to flourish in all of its guises).

I then hurry to find my friend, Lisa, who is nearby and take her to see this demon-like creature, but when we return to the tree, the evil toad had disappeared. The muddy hole is now covered with a large piece of strange metal, similar to copper, and three inches thick. Over top of the surface are strange runes that appear to be alien. The word Galactic comes to my mind.

It wasn’t until the end of this year that I began to see the symbols of this dream start to manifest in the material world. Sparrow is the triumph and awakening of humanity (99% vs. 1%). The Wolves symbolize spiritual help in finding pathways that will dismantle the dark Ones, and the number four represents the four directions, a sacred element in Native American Indian teachings. The children in the dream are all of us, reclaiming our self worth, dignity and trust in the New Earth that we are on the cusp of building. The demonic toad could be many things really, the symbol for tyranny, the power elite, or the dark Ones (Illuminati), and the metal covering with runes, I see the connection to the Annukai, the off-planetary reptilian agenda that has been hidden from most of us here on earth. This and many other shocking truths will be revealed when Disclosure takes place.

Sparrow is a very powerful little bird indeed, and one day will morph into the new David that slays Goliath.

*TED ANDREWS, Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small



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