Animal Symbolism—Lightning Bug

Animal Symbolism—Lightning Bug

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year! And seeing lightning bugs—also known as fireflies, appear in the evening like little fairies holding lanterns of golden light still fills me with joy. As a kid, I would sit patiently on the back porch step with my empty jar in hand after the sun went down. I usually caught about 20 or so lightning bugs each night. I would watch them later, blinking on and off while I settled down to sleep in my bed. I released them in the morning, then go out again the next night and catch more of them. I often wondered if I would catch the same ones.

If you see a lightning bug, it’s a sign for you to get inspired! If you have anything creative that you’re working on, this is a great omen. Let your ideas flow, and allow your muse to share a divine vision with you. Lightning bug also speaks of not giving up hope, and to let your star shine brightly! In fact, this insect is connected to the Star Card in the Tarot. It is the light of hope that shines and lights your way, so never give up with whatever you are seeking to manifest right now!

There will be windows of opportunity coming your way so grab them when they appear. And also pay attention to the people you are attracting in your life. Look for similar energies, patterns or like-mindedness. These people will support you on your journey and feel like family.

Lightning bugs belong to the beetle family of insects and the flashing that they do is to attract a mate. Each species has its own precise pattern of flashing—or rhythm, and when they match, the male will pay a call to the female. As with any animal that you encounter, you can learn how to apply it’s meaning to your own life by looking at that particular animal’s unique characteristics and behavior. Take the concept of rhythm for example. It’s very important to the lightning bugs survival. So, applying that to your own life could mean learning how to trust in your own internal timing, in order to establish the best work/life balance for yourself.

When this lightning bug showed up for me it was a surprise! It was in early May when I had an encounter with this insect, so I didn’t expect to see it because they usually don’t show up until June. I was sitting on the floor, meditating. I meditate at least twice a day, and sometimes more, since it’s the best way for me to stay centered, calm and peaceful, as well as connected to my Highest Self.

I was envisioning scenes and images of the things that I wanted to manifest in my life, so I focused on them by using my imagination (hint: this is your number one manifesting tool). I suddenly had a sensation that I wasn’t alone. I opened my eye a crack. A lightning bug was sitting on the windowsill next to me. “What are you doing here?” I exclaimed with delight.

It was a sign from the Universe that something I wanted would manifest soon. I love it when things like this happen! I discovered that if you want something to happen you need to show the Universe by taking action—even baby steps—in the direction you want to go. And you also need to tell the Universe what you want so you can be guided to that which you desire. Lightning bug was a sign from the Universe that my prayers/intentions are known and to keep on keeping on!

What does lightning bug mean to you?

When it shows up, ask yourself if you are using your creative gifts to advance yourself along your path. Or, if you have lost hope, the lightning bug is a sign that something good is about to happen and all is not lost.



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Also known as the Artistic Mystic, Shelley is a published author, an award-winning artist, and an intuitive. She has written and illustrated children’s books, adult non-fiction books, and journals. She has a B.A. in Illustration and there is always a painting in progress on her easel; her favorite subject matter is animals, nature, or some kind of fantasy. Shelley is also a spiritual advisor, a Reiki master, and a dream expert. She teaches workshops on Spirit Animals, Dreams, and Art.

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