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Animal Symbolism—Cardinal

A red cardinal is a glorious sight to behold, especially against the backdrop of newly fallen snow, so it was a shock to find this beautiful bird on the kitchen floor of my friend Priscilla’s house instead of perched on her bird feeder. Buzz, her tabby cat, had proudly delivered it to us. Priscilla had invited me and few other good friends over for a brunch when we discovered the dead cardinal.

As a symbol, the bright red color of the bird’s plumage reflects its confident and bold nature. A male cardinal will defend its territory with fierce courage. It is also a good parent, taking care of the female and sharing egg incubation duties. As a totem animal it reminds us to step into our own natural confidence.

Their ruby red color can remind us of our own importance as individuals on the wheel of life. It is a sign to value your gifts, talents and abilities and yourself as a human being.

It can also be a sign to “keep the faith” through difficulties that might appear hopeless.

Micheline happened to have an applique of a red cardinal on her shirt (what a synchronicity huh?) She was at the stove cooking some French toast when she noticed the cardinal. Micheline is an animal lover like myself, as well as an up and coming Spiritual Healer and Medium. It was also a favorite bird of her departed and much loved mother.

Mick and CardinalAs we huddled around the bird trying to figure out what kind of message Mr. Cardinal wanted to impart to all of us, Micheline and I gave the bird some Reiki. I tuned into the Spirit of the dead animal beneath my hands and saw/felt that he was already missing his mate. (I found out later there was a Mrs. C on the bird feeder when Buzz went hunting).

Something that I really dislike about the animal messages that I receive is the delivery method that is used at certain times. Do they really have to die for us to get a message?

The cardinal is very energetic, lively and helpful to others. Where can you inject the same kind of energy into your own life? Color therapy is an excellent way to change your mood, so why not wear some red to uplift your spirits or give yourself an added boost today?

Red also is the color of the root chakra, which grounds us and gives us vitality and energy. A study of this chakra will give you further insights into the cardinal as a totem. I wrote a post about finding a Red Feather that will give you deeper understanding of the color red.

For the past decade I have been keenly aware of my diet and the role that it plays in my overall health. I’ve made many changes since then, and I am always reading or trying something new but I learned that not everything I put in my body is beneficial. I recently discovered that too much of a good thing can actually be bad for me.

Did you know that the cardinal can be a sign to be more careful about what you are eating, as it could be harmful or injurious to your health? I’m certainly taking note of this timely message!

When a cardinal appears in your life, they come with the message to increase the bright colors in your life and remember just how important you really are! Be of good cheer and do something that will bring the bounce back in your step.

Has a cardinal shown up in your own life in some unusual way? What do you think the message could be? Do you like the color red and why? Has there been a recent synchronicity or symbol that you would like to share?



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  1. Victoria Marie Lees

    I’m wearing a red silk blouse today, Shelley. I love red. I always make a wish when I see a beautiful male cardinal in nature. This is a beautiful, poetic post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Shelley Szajner

      Thank you Victoria! I love red too, and wear it to help balance my blue aura 🙂
      Blessings to you now and always,

  2. Kathy

    On 11/13 9:00am I parked my car in a lot to go into a court house to watch my son be sentenced to three years in prison for mail fraud. As I parked the car a cardinal came to the window and tried to get in the car and then flew away. I get out put my drink in a trash can, get back in the car and the bird is back doing the same thing. I wait until he leaves and I go in.
    11/14 9:00am I go out back of my house to find a cardinal dead on the sidewalk.
    10/15 about a week ago my son got out of prison and came to live with me. Two wrens flew into my home threw an open door. One went to my bedroom and one to my sons bedroom. He got them out of the house. I was not at home. But when he told me I remembered the first two birds. Do you or can you give me any understanding of this?

    1. Shelley Szajner

      I’d say it was a good omen and a sign that Spirit Guides were supporting you in your time of need. Wrens are a blessing in the home.

  3. Lori kilbourne

    Saturday night one of my oldest fur babies was hit in front of my home. I was on my way to Cynthianna with my team, and unable to go home when my neighbor called. I buried her Monday with a blanky next to my other love. I have 3 black cats left, and 2 dogs, and 2 rabbits. I know, a lot. I love my animals, they are my children, as well as my 3 children. Last night I made sure all 3 kitties were in, for their safety and my sanity. This morning, I find a deceased male cardinal at my front door. Remind you, all mine are inside. I rarely see any other cats near my home, because of my kitties. I have been feeling very guilty.

  4. Verriffica

    When I see a Red Cardinal, I always think it is my Mother saying ” hello”
    When I hear or see a Blue Jay, I think it’s my Dad saying ” hello”

    what does a Blue Jay mean ?
    I love your drawings 🙂

    1. Shelley Shayner

      Hi Verriffica,
      Thanks for stopping by! A bluejay symbol according to Ted Andrews can reflect lessons in using your won power properly. It can also reflect lesson in not allowing yourself to be placed in a position in which power is misused against you.
      p.s. Thank you for the compliment on my drawings!

  5. Marlene

    I found an upside down dead red cardinal that must have gotten trapped in netting around our blueberry bushes. It’s freaking me out.

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