The Double-Yolker

The Double-Yolker

I discovered the double yolk when I cracked the brown egg into the cast iron fry pan. I smiled proudly, as if I had achieved a special egg status award. My mom gets them from time to time, but it was my first ever double-yolker. I had always thought they were a chicken’s worst nightmare—ouch! I also happened to look at the digital clock on the stove as the egg sizzled in the pan, and lo and behold, the clock readout was 11:11. That got my attention.

The twin eleven’s are a sign that a portal or energetic doorway is opening and to be aware of a synchronistic event taking place. I also have come to believe that the 11:11 is my Higher Self or Future Self sending me a message, “Hey there, are you paying attention?” she asks. “Well, as a matter of fact, I am. So how do you like them apples (or eggs)?” I reply.

Truth be told, I had been waiting for a sign that I was on the right track, and the double yolk appeared after much praying and envisioning, so it had to be a good omen as far as omens go. But I wanted to double-check the double yolk (no pun intended), so I did a search and discovered that it can mean one of the following:

  • If you’re female, you could become pregnant with twins
  • Someone in your family is going to die
  • A sign of good luck
  • You like eggs (just kidding)


According to The Encylopedia of Superstitions: Approximately one egg in every thousand is double-yolked. These are produced by hens who have just started laying eggs (as their reproductive cycle is still working out how to perform the task correctly), or by hens who ovulate too quickly.

I also believe that the happier the chickens are, the greater the occurrence of double yolks. At least that’s what the manager of Duffield’s Farm Market had said to me when I called to tell her about their fine eggs. She said that a few customers had called to tell her about their double-yolkers as well! I go there regularly now, especially when I run out of eggs.

Out of all the possible meanings, I’m pretty sure it was a sign of good luck, because it was coupled with the 11:11. Also, the number eleven reduces to the number two (1 + 1 = 2), and two is the number of choice/decisions and also of the subconscious, and since I had been going through a big life change at the same time, the good luck meaning just felt right.

The egg was delicious, and after had I mopped up the remaining yolk with my toast, I envisioned the lucky egg infusing my body, cells and aura with its magical energy. So are things looking up? Seems like it. I have more trust and faith in the Universe these days and I’m more willing to take the risk(s) to live my dream. I believe that as long as you’re willing to follow your hearts desire, things will manifest for you in wonderful and unexpected ways.



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Shelley Shayner

Artistic Mystic Shelley is a published author and an award-winning artist who writes and illustrates fantasy stories for kids. She also writes about life, art and the mystical on her blog. Her current novel, The Dreylyng Prophecy, is the first book in the Ogalon Series.

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