Spirit Animal for Manifesting—Turkey

Spirit Animal for Manifesting—Turkey

Manifesting ‘Benjamins’ has been my number one priority of late. In August, the independent contractor job that I’ve had on Keen for the past 8 years unexpectedly added a $2.99 session fee to all customer calls, and my business took a nosedive. Many customers weren’t too happy about the new fee and to show their appreciation, they decided to go elsewhere. The end result: my income was cut in half practically overnight.

To say that I was upset was an understatement. I was shocked and angry (I called the company umpteen times to complain), and then fear settled in. What was I going to do about this sudden loss of income? I had bills to pay.

My on-the-go plan was to brainstorm creative ways to earn money, while I looked for another third party network job like Keen.

The second part of my plan included some serious manifesting rituals: prayer, meditation, candles, affirmations, and sticky notes placed all over my home as reminders to stay on the money manifesting train track. Last year, I had manifested a car and lottery wins, so I was confident that I could create the money magic again.

But on one particular morning I just couldn’t shake the anxiety. It had become a ‘dead zone’ on Keen and for several days in a row there was no income. Zero. And on the days that I did earn money, it wasn’t enough to put gas in my car. I was spiraling into the murky world of doubt and sinking fast.

I had learned over the years that doubt was the number one killer of dreams. In the past, it had caused me to loose faith, and then go into apathy (no action). Taking action is a crucial component for manifesting anything, besides having positive thoughts and images about your desire. Thought (imagination) + Action = Results (manifested desire). These two ingredients are necessary to bake a cake.

So, I decided to use the feelings of doubt as a spur, or a trigger, and do the opposite (gratitude was my new feeling of choice).

After a 20-minute rip roaring session of praying, and singing, then shouting all of my favorite affirmations at the top of my lungs, I chased away every last negative thought, feeling, and doubt that had the audacity to think it could stay as a guest in my home.

Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance pour out upon me

Feeling renewed and inspired, I gathered my purse and headed out the front door.

And what before my wandering eyes should appear? A wild turkey strutting across the lawn, a few yards away.

I laughed out loud. I was overjoyed! This was an incredible sign from Heaven that my prayers and affirmations were heard.

As a Spirit Animal, Turkey means that you will soon be receiving a gift, which could be in the form of an opportunity, job, money, a winning lottery ticket, or at the very least, a compliment. It is a blessing from above and a time of harvest. It also represents gratitude and adaptability.

I followed the bird around for a few minutes, thanking it for showing up in my time of need. Then I got in my car and drove to the grocery store.

At one of the stoplights, the car in front of me had a slogan on the tire cover: LIFE IS GOOD.

This was another confirmation. Yes, indeed, Life is good!

The Spirit Animal, Turkey is my new power animal, and the Spirit Animal that I go to for manifesting what I need in this physical plane. I am so grateful. After it’s appearance, I felt a sense of peace come over me. I knew that I was being supported and helped during this time of financial difficulty. My faith was completely restored. I love getting demonstrations, and lord knows I’m someone who needs them!

A few weeks later, business began to pick up on Keen again, as well as locally. And, I got another job at a new third party network that pays their advisors higher commission.

The main lesson that I learned from all of this was to not put all of my eggs in one basket, and to know that with praying and intentions, help will come. I feel blessed.




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Shelley Shayner

Also known as the Artistic Mystic, Shelley is a published author, an award-winning artist, and an intuitive. She has written and illustrated children’s books, adult non-fiction books, and journals. She has a B.A. in Illustration and there is always a painting in progress on her easel; her favorite subject matter is animals, nature, or some kind of fantasy. Shelley is also a spiritual advisor, a Reiki master, and a dream expert. She teaches workshops on Spirit Animals, Dreams, and Art.

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