Animal Symbolism—Eagle

Animal Symbolism—Eagle

Bald Eagle

While kayaking on the Delaware River one summer I watched a Bald Eagle fly overhead, knowing instantly that a Spiritual Test was coming my way. Unbeknownst to me, I was about to go through some major relationship tests. Eagle was my symbol for an initiation into these tests and it started in earnest that summer. I had some major Fox lessons to learn. My homework turned into honing my skills in discrimination as I entered the world of online dating and relationships.

Eagle flies so close to the sun, that as a child I often wondered if her giant wings could actually touch the orange ball of fire. During meditations I sometimes fly on the back of this magnificent bird of prey, and gaze at the Earth below with a sense freedom that stays with me long after the meditation.

This majestic, proud and lofty raptor deserves great honor, since it is the symbol for Divinity. The Indians of both Americas believe that Eagle is the symbol for the Great Spirit. True Shamans will often dream of where to find the body of an Eagle so that its feathers can be used. Eagle feathers are very sacred healing tools that can cleanse the energetic body of the patient.

Eagle could be a sign that tests of initiation are coming, and although I’ve had more tests than I would’ve liked, the end result was worth it. By trusting myself, and learning to surrender my ego to Creator I was given the right to use Eagle medicine. I now have a strong connection to the Divine, but it was not without a heaping dose of heartache, pain, confusion, tears, hard work and unflagging determination. I was going to scale that Mountain no matter how many times I fell down.

When I first started on my Spiritual Journey towards Wholeness I was completely naïve about the entire process. Stepping onto a Spiritual Path did not mean an instant end of suffering like I had thought, but instead ended up being relentless trials by fire. Time and again, I had to be willing to face my own shadow and not run from it. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. But I did have help along the way.

Dreams have become my greatest ally; giving me answers to problems or a heads up about future events, and clueing me in on my psyche. Plus, my Guides, Angels and deceased relatives sometimes make an appearance. In one such dream, Eagle disguised as a Guide arrived. At the time, I was going through some major upheavals in my life with family members, yet more problems were coming. A health issue and a divorce were looming on the horizon.

In my dream, Embraced by Eagle, I am at my brother’s house and standing in his back yard. I spot a Bald Eagle flying overhead. I’m excited and yell to my friend Mary who is with me, “Look, it’s an Eagle!” It lands on the ground close by and we run after it. Flapping its giant wings, the Eagle tries to take off into the air again once it sees us. Mary quickly plucks two feathers from the bird. I hold my hand out to it instead and Eagle stops, turns around and embraces me. The bird morphs into a man and turns white.

This was the second dream I had of Two Feathers, a Spirit Guide of mine. It was a sign that he would be supporting me during the difficult trials and Spiritual Tests that I was about to go through.

All I ever wanted was an end to my suffering, and as I worked on healing the wounds of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, more layers of false self were peeled away, and the more empowered I began to feel. The tests and trials that I endured made me strong and unafraid of facing my own shadow, which is true freedom. Each one of these tests that I went through gave me invaluable knowledge and wisdom in return.

My heart has opened more than ever now, and there is nothing like it. I feel states of spontaneous joy, laughter, creativity and love. I AM TRULY ALIVE.

Such are the gifts of Eagle.



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