NATURE NOURISHES ME. It always has. And after four days of sitting in front of a computer at work, I had to get outside. Not being in nature feels like I’m going to suffocate—O.D. on my busy, techno-life after a few days.

I only had an hour to enjoy the remaining light of the day so I rushed to my favorite park after work, and with camera in hand I skipped (yes, I skipped) across the open field of grass, past my favorite Sycamore tree to sit on a bench and gaze at the setting sun over the Delaware River.

To sit and do nothing felt like a luxury. Mourning Doves and Blackbirds flew in and out of the trees calling to one another, signaling the end of a day. The wide river sparkled dark and light as soft breezes scented with flowers brushed my skin like silk, and the sunlight seeped into my cells, bones, and soul.

Nature is a Goddess of the highest order. The sound of a bird, the sight of a butterfly, or the scent of a flower heals me. I fill up on nature, like filling up my gass tank. It’s free, on demand, and everywhere I go. What could be better?

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