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Shelley is a gifted Intuitive and Clairvoyant, and a veteran Tarot Reader and has been reading the Tarot cards professionally since 2003. She is a Channel for Higher Frequencies and this allows her to relay information directly so that it cuts through the surface to reveal the truth of a situation. She is honest and compassionate and her goal is to provide you with answers, clarity and/or solutions. She can see what is happening in your past, present and the future, as well as the energies and emotions surrounding you, which may be preventing you from moving forward or getting what you want. Shelley was born with visionary gifts and spent over 25 years developing her psychic gifts through training with teachers and experts in spiritual and energy modalities, educational classes, intense self-study, and experience. She will give you insight, guidance and the support that you need to help you accomplish your goals, or to live your dream.She uses use the Tarot, Romance Oracle cards, and Native American cards to give you insight on any topic; career, money, romance, relationships, spiritual guidance, and more. She will give you honest answers and knowledge that is both useful and empowering to help you create better choices and outcomes.

Are you tired of attracting the same kind of people or events into your life? Do you seek meaningful answers about your relationships? Are you searching for the right career or profession? Do you feel stuck or confused? Are you having trouble making decisions? Let Shelley help you find the answers with a Tarot reading.

60 Minute Reading:  $100

30 Minute Reading:  $50

15 Minute Reading:  $30

Tarot Parties available in your home for 5-10 people

All sessions are conducted in-person or by phone.

(For those with allergies, please note that I have a cat)


Enjoy a Healing Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that balances the body’s energy system promoting self-healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki clears energy blockages in the body and the chakras. It is a relaxing healing modality for relieving stress, migraines, sleep issues and boosting immunity among many other ailments. Shelley administers it with a “hands-on” or “hands above” the body technique.  Shelley is certified as a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.

One-Hour Reiki Session:  $60

Distance Reiki Session: $45

All sessions are done in my home, except for the Distance Reiki.

(For those with allergies, please note that I have a cat)


Get Guidance on Your Dreams

Do you have strange dreams but don’t understand what they mean?

Do you want to learn techniques that will increase your dreaming potential?

Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual development?

Learn how to decode your dreams by discovering your own personal symbols through dream work. Your subconscious stores an enormous amount of information about your life, and through the vehicle of your own dreams, releases hidden emotions, feelings, fears, and desires so that you can gain insight, knowledge, wisdom, and healing.

Shelley is an avid dream aeronaut! After nearly two decades of dreamwork, which included a few years honing her skills in a Dream Group, she learned the A, B, C’s of dreams. She teaches these same skills in her popular Dream Workshops that are given locally.


  • Gain a deeper understanding about the nature of your own subconscious.
  • Heal from past wounds.
  • Discover powerful techniques.

One Hour Session:  $45

All sessions are done in-person or by phone.

(For those with allergies, please note that I have a cat)


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