The Chronicles of Ogalon – WIP

The Chronicles of Ogalon – WIP

The Chronicles of OgalonHayley’s something awfuls didn’t prepare her for the shock of meeting Noz in Mrs. Wright’s classroom. Before setting the teacher’s desk on fire and barely escaping with his own life, the armor-plated dragonfly Noz shared the reason for his visit—a dire warning; the Sorceress Nergalla was coming for her family. Her fraternal twin Arthur wasn’t convinced until clues left by Noz led them to their mother’s bookcase and more shocks. It was too late to stop the evil Sorceress, who arrived with a terrifying revelation of their mother’s darkest secret; one of the twins belonged to Nergalla through a contract signed twelve years ago. Hayley’s life unraveled like a giant ball of string after Nergalla cursed her mother into a doll and kidnaped her brother, taking him to Ogalon.

Entering the world of Ogalon with the help of Noz, Hayley learns that she is a Dreyling and the Chosen One, and in order to save her family she must also end a terrible curse on the land. And if that wasn’t enough, she is also being hunted by evil soldiers, and a pair of obnoxious brothers. Her new friend Kitto, causes her more trouble with her spells, and later, Hayley reluctantly joins forces with a couple of Dreylings, a mysterious boy Tor and a sour girl, Adara, who promise to help train her only if she helps them. In order to fulfill her destiny and save her family, Hayley must overcome her growing self-doubt and face her true nature in order to gain her powers or be destroyed by them.

The Chronicles of Ogalon is a mystical fantasy for upper middle grade that I am writing and illustrating. It is currently being sent out to agents. Stay tuned for any updates of this W.I.P.

Check out more of the illustrations below.

Shelley Shayner

Shelley is a published author who writes fantasy stories for kids and nonfiction for adults, as well as personal essays on her blog including; art, humor and animal symbolism. She’s also an illustrator and is currently working on illustrations for her novel and creating fantasy coloring book art.

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