Shelley’s 2019 Tarot-Scopes

Shelley’s 2019 Tarot-Scopes

This is a general reading for all signs

ARIES: You’ve been through a battle last year and it could have involved finances for some of you. If you’ve been waiting for money it will be forthcoming this year. The future sees some of you getting recognized for your talents, and you may also be learning something new, perhaps adding a new skill to your toolbox. The work that you do is being divinely guided. The challenge is that you have some important decisions to make whether it is about a relationship or something else you feel energized about. It’s time to make fresh starts in your life, career, finances and your goals. This is going to be a very social year for you, including much celebrating. Perhaps there will be a new baby in the family for some of you, or you could birth a whole new you! Change and opportunity with love relationships and the things that bring you happiness are also on tap. The theme for you this year is being the authority in your life and doing anything that you feel passionate about! Pay attention to messages coming to you in your dreams, or signs and synchronicities. Get connected to the earth as much as possible to stay grounded and in that energy flow of healing nature. Your Angel Message for this year is that your soul mate relationship could appear.

TAURUS: The theme for this year is one of activity, but do expect some disruption to your routines and possibly some disagreements as you make necessary changes in your life. Last year saw a wish came true for some of you. The future portends that some of you will be learning how to achieve greater balance in your life. The challenge is to let go of mistrust and take down some of your walls and allow others to see the real you. Your strength is in allowing for positive changes and transformations to take place. The surprise element this year could involve a strong male figure in your life, like a father or boss, or even an institution that has supported you. This person may need your help or have something important to say that surprises you. Completing goals and projects will be important for you this year. Some of you will be celebrating achievements or spending more time in your community, and others will be getting married. On a soul level you are returning home to your true self and learning how to express this to others, and this will be very healing for you. The Angel Message for Taurus is to clear your space, get rid of clutter and clear the energy around you.

GEMINI: The theme for 2019 is overcoming any challenge that comes your way, both inner and outer and gaining strength and mastery that will serve you for the rest of your life. You will have much power this year, so use it to your advantage and set big goals for yourself. You will be victorious this year. Last year had much to do with juggling finances and/or having to juggle multiple jobs, relationships, goals etc. The future may see you learning something new, which could be on the job training or finding a new job. The challenge for this year concerns practical things such as increasing your financial stability, as well as taking care of your body. Also, take time out for play. Some of you may be changing your careers to increase your income. It’s important for you to be grounded this year. Making concrete plans will work very well for you, so dream big Gemini! The surprise this year could be that some of you may decide to change your religion or you may decide to get married. Making decisions to expand your horizons is important for you this year. Some of you will move to a new location. The Angel Message for you is to trust that everything is in Divine order.

CANCER: Last year found you assessing your life’s direction and this year promises much transformation and positive change for you, that includes some endings, but also wonderful new beginnings! The theme for this year is about letting go of the past and any fears or negative events that happened in your life, finding forgiveness or acceptance and moving on. This will free up your energy and give you more joy and happiness in your life. Your challenge this year, for some of you, is learning how to trust in the divine plan, and allow a higher power to guide your life. Also, moderation, balance and being sensible are important. Your strength will be in taking bold action, being adventurous and a bit of a risk taker—follow those passions wherever they take you!  Surprises this year show up with having to make decisions concerning finances, work or juggling of several things. Stay focused and logical when you make your plans. You may also rely on someone who is pragmatic and can help when you need guidance. Your Angel Message is clairaudience; listen to the loving guidance that you hear from inside your own mind or from other people.

LEO: Last year, many of you were concerned about finances and/or health issues. The theme this year is partnership and romance, as well as deepening friendships. You’ll be meeting new people and expanding your social world this year and some of you could find true love! For those of you open to the psychic world there could be some spirit communication coming from the other side through your dreams, or through your psychic senses (clairvoyance). The theme this year is to not give up despite any challenge that comes your way, just know that you will succeed! Let go of anything that no longer serves you and allow abundance to flow into your life. Remember to stay focused on your plans and goals. You have all the skills to do what you want this year, so get out and manifest your desires! The challenge will be to keep an eye on your finances. The surprise this year could be an increase in your intuition or psychic abilities for some of you. And your dreams will be off the charts! Allow your creative spark to blaze a new trail this year. A new project or goal could lead to something very successful for some of you. Take any new ideas that you have seriously. Your Angel Message is that Divine Timing is the name of the game and everything is how it needs to be right now.

VIRGO: You have many choices before you this year Virgo, and that will be the major theme of 2019. See past any fantasies and illusions (no rose colored glasses) and you will make the right decisions. Last year’s hurt, pain, or disappointment that you were dealing with tested many of you (some of you were dealing with this for several years), but you are now sailing out of these murky waters in 2019. Finally! This year is much brighter with a possible love interest and new friendships on the horizon. Better connections with others will be a keynote for this year. The challenge for Virgo is getting into a new routine and doing something new and different, so if you have any new projects, goals, business ideas, training or schooling in mind, that will be where your strength lies. Some of you might be taking an interest in a new health routine, or making bigger financial investments, like purchasing real estate. Some of you may make the decision to move to a different locale that will give you a better life style. Be assertive in what you want and pay attention to messages in your dreams for they could be answers to your prayers. Release yourself from negativity of all kinds, including the limiting thoughts in your head. Your Angel Message is to trust your intuition and act upon it without delay.

LIBRA: The theme this year is about keeping the balance and harmony in your life and luckily Libra is the sign of balance! This will be a healing year for you as well, and that will soothe away any stress you’ve had to deal with last year. The surprise for this year could be that some of you may be getting into a serious relationship, with a possible marriage in store or you may be looking into buying a new home. Celebrations and fun of all kinds are on tap in 2019. You may be feeling adventurous this year, so follow your passions and take some risks. Some of you may do some traveling while others will be taking classes or learning something new. The challenge is to open up about your true feelings and express them clearly. You’ll be keeping your focus on your most important relationships this year and maintaining that strong foundation you’ve built. You will have the support you need and do expect a gift from the Universe this year. The Angel Message for this year is to focus on your highest priorities and get organized.

SCORPIO: The theme for you this year is karmic reward for your efforts—bravo! You will also be bringing equality, justice and balance into your life, as you fine-tune the art of give and take. The challenge this year for some of you is to trust your amazing intuition, so please listen to this diamond quality that you have. Make time for prayer, meditation and anything that brings you inner peace. And pay attention to details. There will be a strong focus on finances and bringing more financial success into your life. There may be a new business partnership forming that could bring with it more income or a great opportunity, so do listen to that intuition so you can seize the day! You are skilled at manifesting, it’s helped you in the past and it will help you in the future. 2019 promises new relationships of all kinds or a deepening of current relationships. The surprise this year could be someone from your past returning. It’s important that you clear away any restrictions of your mind and body, including negativity, worry and stress. Transformation is the key word here. The Angel Message for this year is to be aware of your sensitivity and take steps to nurture, protect and honor it.


SAGITTARIUS: Last year saw sudden changes for some of you, and a few difficulties and frustrations but you can rest now—thank goodness! The theme of 2019 is the total opposite of last year, which promises more financial success and material comforts. Know that people will be seeking you out for your work. You’re getting noticed Sag! But do keep strong boundaries on your precious energy and time. Some of you may begin a new career or will be getting a promotion. The future is going to be a happy one this year, with some of you meeting a new love. There will be emotional fulfillment and happiness in both new and old relationships. Many positive changes are in store for you this year. The challenge is to not to become rigid in you’re thinking and allow for change to happen. Stay focused on your career or anything that you feel passionate about. Go on a Vision Quest if you are seeking answers. Move into new areas and expand your horizons. The surprise for you this year is good news concerning your career. Don’t let the past be a barometer to your future. The Angel Message for you this year is to spread your wings and fly!

CAPRICORN: The theme of this year is new beginnings and fresh starts, especially in the areas of relationships and your goals. Expansion is the name of the game. You’ve accomplished some important goals last year, and this year finds you reaping more rewards for your efforts. Your challenge is to relax, have fun and to enjoy yourself more. Women will play a pivotal role for you this year, providing support and help when you need it. You will be working to create more balance in the give-and-take in your relationships and also with your work-life balance. The surprise for you this year is that something you’ve wanted (a wish) could appear. Do what it takes to clear away the stress of last year, and of your past with energy work, mediation or therapy and release the negativity stored in your subconscious. Worrying ages you. Sidestep F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real and keep your focus on a positive future; look up at the stars and know that you are a star too. The Angel Message for Capricorn is to prepare for a blessed career transition and/or your life purpose.

AQUARIUS: The theme for 2019 is wonderful relationships and partnerships of all kinds. You could meet a soul mate this year, or an existing relationship could grow deeper, or you may form a new business partnership. Last year found some of you weary from your battles, both major and minor. But this year promises to be different! The future has prosperity and material rewards in store for some of you. The challenge for you this year is to trust in your talents and your abilities, because you have some amazing talents Aquarius that are divinely guided, if you choose to share them with the world! Focus on what you can do to manifest more of what you want in your life, believe in yourself but do pay attention to the details. Watch where your energy goes and don’t let others take advantage of your kindly nature. Cultivate more stability in your life, both financial and health. The surprise this year for some of you could be seeing you inspired with a creative project, learning something new that you’re passionate about, or you may get involved with a creative, confident and independent man or woman. The prescription for this year is to have fun! The Angel Message for you is prosperity. Your material needs will be provided for as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.

PISCES: Letting others know about your great skills, work, talent, and abilities sets the stage for your glorious theme this year! You are being divinely guided and showcasing your talents should be your primary focus in 2019, whether it be in your own business or at the job—don’t be shy! The future shows solid progress all year, and opportunities will be coming your way as you move forward. Some of you may be getting a promotion and others may be building a business. Last year you completed a big chapter in your life and if there is something that you haven’t completed last year, you’re going to be putting the finishing touches on it this year. Putting yourself out in the world will bring financial rewards and opportunities for you. So don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams with gusto! Pisces will be pleasantly surprised with the many offers they get! You will be valued highly and recognized for your work. Financial success will follow. It’s a year of connecting to people on a heart level and finding like-minded souls. The challenge is focusing on your goals and building a solid structure in your life that will support you. You will be making important decisions this year, so tune into your awesome intuition for guidance. Your Angel Message is leadership. This is the time to take the lead in some area of your life, and be the captain of your ship!


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