Moving Forward

Moving Forward

In January of this year, I was unceremoniously laid off from my job as a Graphic Designer of 13 years from a small publishing company. I didn’t see it coming (and me, a psychic, right?) There wasn’t a sign as in ‘hunch’, or ‘dream’, or something ‘intuitive’ to give me a warning. At least they waited until after Christmas to tell me.

I went through all the stages of grief compressed into one week. I didn’t want to get out of bed, then I would be gripped with sudden fear (how was I going to pay the bills? Would I find another job?) Later, I got so angry I wanted to punch a hole in the wall. I had felt abandoned and betrayed by this sudden divorce. “Thanks, but we don’t need you anymore, goodbye.”

Collecting unemployment helped keep me afloat for six months while I tried to figure out a plan of attack. But seventy resumes and several job fairs later, I didn’t get a single interview. (Queue in the sound of crickets). Besides being bored out of my skull, I had gotten too comfortable in my old job. My skills had lapsed and the industry had changed a lot in the past five years. I knew that I couldn’t get the skill sets I needed for a plum job in six months time, so I’d have to settle for something else and the prospects did not look appetizing.

I visited with a psychic friend of mine to get her guidance on my situation and she received the message that a spirit guide was helping me through this difficult time. She also saw the movement of feet. The guide showed her that I had gotten stuck, and losing my job was the only way to get me unstuck. My friend also mentioned that the path of the old job was closed and it was time for me to begin something new … to be an entrepreneur like I had always wanted. There was no going back, she had said, and to keep moving forward.

Shuffle those feet, don’t dilly-dally, waffle or get sidetracked, and for Pete’s sake, don’t stop!

Funny thing about feet (I’m a Pisces, and I don’t like my own feet, too long and skinny), I had found a piece of driftwood by the Delaware River a few years back and it looked just like a foot. It was a clear message to keep moving, but at the time I was too comfy in my hobbit hole and the idea of change on that scale did not interest me in the least.

Two decades earlier I had entered the James River, in Virginia, and had asked the Spirit of the river to give me a rock. I plunged my hand into the water and pulled out a small brown stone, which looked exactly like a moccasin. It’s a very special stone of mine and it sits on my altar. River stones are great for grounding and this one has the ability to help with self-esteem.

So the theme of feet runs (no pun intended) a thread through my life because I tend to get stuck sometimes. The stuckness/getting unstuck part is actually in my natal chart (Saturn inconjunct Pluto). But now I am moving, learning as I go, and my business is growing s-l-o-w-l-y. I’m still getting used to the idea of earning a living this way because I have live month to month instead of relying on a regular paycheck. What I love most of all is the freedom to do what I want to do.

I am grateful that I lost my job now. I have big dreams I want to fulfill and I wouldn’t be able to pursue them if I had not gotten laid off. When one door closes, another door opens. You just have to walk on through.





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Shelley Shayner

Artistic Mystic Shelley is a published author and an award-winning artist who writes and illustrates fantasy stories for kids. She also writes about life, art and the mystical on her blog. Her current novel, The Dreylyng Prophecy, is the first book in the Ogalon Series.

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    Posted at 01:53h, 02 October Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story, Shelley. You are a delight and inspiration to us all.

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