Lunar Eclipse Reading

Lunar Eclipse Reading

I decided to use my Lenormand deck today to do a general 3 card reading, and holy smokes Batman, these cards spoke volumes to me! This reading is for the upcoming months, leading right into the Winter Solstice, when the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction enters Aquarius at 0 degrees (I believe that this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius). But first, let’s talk about the upcoming Lunar eclipse, which is due to hit on June 5th. Eclipses speed things up, and the energy around this eclipse has the element of fire around it, because Mars is involved (square), so there will be some real intensity with it. And, with all eclipses, secrets will be revealed, as well as hidden agendas. What we focus on during an eclipse gets magnified immensely, so we must be very clear on what we are thinking about or meditating on.

I’m just going to dive right in and tell you what I’m seeing.

The Book on the left (past) represents knowledge or mysteries and secrets, as well as all occult and esoteric teachings. This to me is also the subconscious mind, and our inner wisdom and unrevealed thoughts and emotions.

In the center (present) we have the Whip. It’s main meaning is stress (yeah, tell me another one). The whip is a symbol for punishment. It is also quarrels and arguments…it is explosive and high energy. It can also represent repetitive actions, like exercise.

On the right (future) we have the Sun. As you can imagine, it is a very positive omen! It represents happiness, success and a new beginning. It is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The Sun card marks the ending of troubles, and the key here is that it is in the FUTURE position, not the past.

So, why am I so excited about this reading? I think it is ALL about what is happening on Earth at this time. It couldn’t be more clear to me…in short, we are going through a TRANSFORMATION, the likes that we’ve never seen before. For example, the past, represented by the Book, is the subconscious mind and our beliefs, habits, preferences, personality, etc. It’s all that we know about life, our life, and the world and how it works. We don’t think about it, because it operates in the background.

The Whip, what is happening now, is the great agitating energy being whipped up at the moment…so much has ‘woke’ us up from our subconscious sleep. Life suddenly changed overnight and more is happening so fast, we barely have time to breath (no pun intended). We are being forced into lock down, 6 ft. of separation, and now protests and riots.

But the future position is the Sun, a new beginning and a NEW WORLD, which coincides with the Winter Solstice. Don’t forget this year is 20/20, perfect vision, to SEE the Secrets within you and in the world…that which is hidden in SHADOW (Book) is revealed by the alchemical (Sun) LIGHT. On a basic level, you could say the Book is about secrets being exposed about Governments and Media and Elites and the Whip is all of us taking action, being tired of the punishments (COVID-19) and taking to the streets to protest.

The Sun is foretelling the ENDGAME. You can forget the Apocalyptic nightmare scenarios here (The Greek word Apocalypse means “revelation”, an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling). So there is the Book again—secrets being unveiled.

You can look at this spread on so many different levels but it all seems to be saying the same thing to me, REBIRTH of human consciousness. In essence it means change, and we are not going back to the same old, same old. Here’s another way to look at this. Take a caterpillar (Book/Past). Stick him in a cocoon (Whip/Present). He is later transformed into a butterfly (Sun/Future). Wow.



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