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Are you looking for some loving and compassionate guidance?

Do you have a pressing question and need an answer right now?

Are you having trouble making a decision?

Do you want an Eagle Eye perspective of your current reality?

Are you ready for some fearless


Are you committed to your own inner wisdom and want to create the best possible version of your life and the best possible version of YOU?

Let me help you like I’ve helped

hundreds of others!

I offer 1-on-1 Tarot Readings over the phone, and I have some great specialty readings too. Just scroll down and choose the option that best suits your needs or budget.


I look forward to working with you!


First,  pick the type of reading that you want. Next, email me the reading of your choice. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of this page until you see, Book a Session with Shelley — just fill in the appropriate fields and hit the CONTACT ME button. Once I receive your email, we can then set up a date and time. Once the reading is booked, I will send you a PayPal link for payment (the session must be paid within 24 hours). At the time of the appointment, we meet on the phone to discuss your most pressing questions and concerns and I will use my Tarot and other decks to share my insights during your reading.


I live on the East Coast (EST)
I work Monday through Friday (12 pm – 5 pm EST) and (7pm – 10 pm EST).
I also work every other Saturday.


All sessions are phone-only (except for the email reading).


During your reading, I will look into the energies surrounding you for the upcoming year, answer your questions and explore the possibilities and potentials before you, to help you to navigate the current terrain of your life. My goal is to provide you with answers, clarity and/or solutions. I can see what is happening in your past, present and future as well as the energies/emotions surrounding any situation that may be preventing you from moving forward or getting what you want. The Tarot cards tell me the story of your life, but you decide the ending by your choices. The Tarot can give a ‘heads up’ so you can make a course correction if need be, or continue on full speed ahead!


I’m a fast reader but the more time we spend together, the deeper we can go.


I  sometimes get messages from departed loved ones, but I don’t claim to be a Medium. I’m a true Clairvoyant and Channel for the higher dimensions (Spirit, Angels, Guides). This allows me to give you clear guidance during the reading. If you do want to know about a departed loved one, just ask, and I will do a reading on this for you.



15 minutes @$30.00
30 minutes @$50.00
45 minutes @$75.00
1 hour @$100.00



15-minute Tarot session (15 minutes @$30.00)

Do you need quick answers? A 15-minute session will provide you with a much-needed tune up, or answer a pressing question or two (or three).



30-Minute Tarot session (30 minutes @$50.00)

In a 30-minute session, we start out with the general atmosphere surrounding you for the upcoming year (6-12 months), including any channeled messages from Spirit. From there you get to ask your most pressing questions. At the end of the reading, I will tie everything together. Do you have more questions? Would you like to go deeper? Choose a longer session and we can dive deep into your life!



45-minute Tarot session (45 minutes @$75.00)

If you want more time than a 30-minute session but don’t need a full hour, then the 45-minute session is just right for you! Of course, we will start out with the overall general atmosphere for the upcoming year. From there, you will have plenty of time to ask your questions and get a channeled message from Spirit. At the end of the reading, I will tie everything together.



60-Minute Tarot Session (1 hour @$100.00)

The 60-minute session will allow you to dive very deep into your life! We will start out with the overall general atmosphere for the upcoming year, and there will be plenty of time to ask your questions and get channeled messages from Spirit or departed Loved Ones. A final wrap-up will end the reading on a beautiful note of clarity, inspiration and healing.






Email Reading (3 questions @$35)

Perhaps you just have a few questions that you want insight on and don’t want to chat on the phone— if so, then my 3 question email reading is the perfect fit for you! I will give you in-depth answers and insights to each of your questions. Please provide me with as much detail as possible with each pressing question to get the best reading. Turnaround time is 24-48 hours.



Discover Your Totem Animal (45 minute session @$65.00)

Did you ever wonder what kind of totem animal that you have? Totem animals hold power and knowledge that can help us learn how to become one with nature, and reconnect to the deepest part of ourselves. Experience a guided meditation with shamanic drumming, and go on a Drum Journey that will help you to discover your very own totem animal! (Don’t worry if you can’t find anything during the Drum Journey, I can find it for you). After the Drum Journey, we will discuss what messages, signs, and feelings occurred during your journey, and what the special relationship this animal has with you. I can also paint your totem animal for you! Ask me for more details.


Tarot Parties

I also offer Tarot Parties in my local area (South Jersey). I can read up to 8 people. Each reading is 15 minutes @ $30 per person.
Ask me for more details.

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