Praying Mantis is a symbol for stilling the mind and going within.

— Animal Symbolism—Praying Mantis

I found a Praying Mantis during one of my regular walks about my residence. I need to get outside daily now, and if I don’t, I feel like I’m going to suffocate. The natural world has become my drug of choice and I need a fix everyday. I found the beautiful insect lying near a pine tree. It was dead but still looked rather handsome in his green jacket, assuming it was a ‘he.’ I was surprised to see one at this time of the year, the end of November. Obviously, it was a sign. But before I get into the symbolism of Praying Mantis and its timely message, I want to address (briefly) what I believe is happening on our lovely planet first.

Much has been written about the special time period that we are currently traversing, the ‘End Times’ as it has been coined, and the Ancients weren’t kidding when they said that we were going to experience something BIG. We are about to go through a massive change, for the better I might add, but change nonetheless. It’s already occurring but it hasn’t reached the tipping point. Yet. But we’re very close though.

We, as a people and planet, including all living things are going through Ascension. Ascension is basically moving from the lower vibrations to the higher ones while still remaining in a physical body. Everything has a vibrational frequency, including us humans, which is to say that it has a specific energy signature or speed.

Also, everything must follow the Law of Resonance, which means that you have to come into resonance (match it) with something or be repelled by it. Amplitude has significance as well, so if something is vibrating at a negative or low frequency, and your amplitude is stronger you will not be pulled into resonance with it. So it’s possible to resist negative frequencies if your amplitude is strong and you are of a positive vibration.

But you MUST come into resonance with the Earth’s vibrational frequency, and it has increased substantially to a higher rate over the last few years (now you know why things feel like they are speeding up. They are!) If you do not resonate with Mother Earth’s vibrational frequency, you will not be able to stay here. Period. I know that sounds a bit harsh but these are the facts as I understand them. We are being tasked with being able to raise our own vibrational frequency to match that of the Earth so that we can move out of Duality.

The Third Density world of duality, which is a polarized world of yin/yang, good/bad, hot/cold, day/night, etc. is coming to an end somewhere in the 2011-2013 time frame. We are soon to enter the Fifth Density. The fourth density is like a bridge between the two that we still have to pass through. To live in fifth density you will need a light(er) body, one that is no longer carbon based but crystalline based.

Since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, more light has been downloaded and is still being downloaded onto this planet in increasing amounts to raise its vibration, as well as our own bodies, ever since. It is time for us to waken from our slumber and out of this polarity game and reclaim our true divinity and reconnect with Source or Creator. We will have more psychic abilities and healing abilities and be able to live for a very long time in the fifth density world. And that’s just the beginning.

For a very long time, humanity has been asleep on a ship, tossed about in a stormy sea and heading for disaster. Someone has been at the helm guiding this ship, while we slept, and should not be there. But now people are beginning to wake up and because of this, we have avoided the worst possible scenario. There are many others who can talk about this subject in depth, Steve Beckow, David Wilcock, Lisa Renee, The Camelot Project, David Icke, just to name a few.

In the next few years, there will be Disclosure of many things, about which I mention above but also about our Government’s connection to the E.T. races and more. The truth embargo has already started lifting. There will also be a new monetary system coming into being as well (NESARA), and a release of New Technologies that will greatly improve our lives. Eventually, our benevolent Galactic Space Family will land here. They are already in contact with a few of us and many governments around the world, but not John Q. Public.

So how does one live in a world of shifting sands such as these? That’s where Praying Mantis medicine works beautifully. Praying Mantis is a symbol for stilling the mind and going within. It is a time to meditate so that you can connect to your Higher Self, and seek guidance. I realized that this is just what I needed, as my mind and thoughts tend to dominate my life, and always have. Meditation is a great way to bring peace and balance to my life as well as find guidance for any problems that I might have.

So I scooped up the Praying Mantis and put it on my altar. I’ll bury it in my herb garden eventually, before the ground gets too hard to dig up. But for now, I like to see my friend, so that it reminds me to go within and quiet my mind during these chaotic but wonderful days.


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Shelley Shayner

Shelley is a published author who writes fantasy stories for kids and nonfiction for adults, as well as personal essays on her blog including; art, humor and animal symbolism. She’s also an illustrator and is currently working on illustrations for her novel and creating fantasy coloring book art.

  • craig
    Posted at 12:57h, 27 September Reply

    Hi Shelly, just wanted to say I came looking for info on the praying mantis because the other night we went out the front door and saw THREE – presumably 1 female with 2 males on top of her, and she was big. They were clinging to a post on my porch. Someone said that after they mate, she kills (and eats?) her mate. More like “preying” mantis. What do you make of that a a sign?

    Also, I write a blog on the coming changes and agree we are in an energetic tranisition like none we have experienced. Should be wild. I’m ready for the changes.

    If you check out Dolores Cannon’s recent info on this event, she says that yes, the vibrations are raising and that there will eventually be a splitting of realities, so to speak. Everyone will seek their own dimensional level energetically, if you know what I mean. Interesting stuff to check out.


    • Shelley Szajner
      Posted at 21:02h, 27 September Reply

      Hi Craig, thanks for stopping by! Hmmm…what do I make of your 3 mantis symbol? Are you involved in triangle? lol. Three is the energy of creation and is a positive number but not the most stable. Perhaps group meditation would work well for you. That’s my take on it. Yes, I am right with you regarding all of the coming changes and applaud you for writing a blog about it. We need as many light workers as possible to share this information. It’s vitally important that we do so in any way possible. Yes, it will be wild and like you, I’M SO READY FOR IT! lol I’ve heard of the splitting of realities and believe this will take place (frequency split) but not sure what it’s going to look like. Me, I’m wearing my tin foil hat, sitting in a lawn chair outside with a bowl of popcorn and just watching this incredible show.


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