I began studying the Symbolic Language of the Soul in earnest after I started having dreams and synchronicities that were so compelling and mystifying that I couldn’t ignore them. An active dreamer since childhood, I didn’t begin listening to the wisdom of my own dreams until I underwent a ‘dark night’ of the soul experience that eventually transformed me.

I received many messages that changed the way I looked at the subconscious mind and its connection to the waking world forever. I had to know the source of these other-worldly messages and why I was getting them. So I set out on a quest for the truth, my truth, and in the process developed a high level of discfoxernment and trust in my intuition. Because of this revolutionary change in my world view, I discovered the language of symbols, the Souls method of communication.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing all of my hard-won knowledge through the workshops and classes that I teach in dream work, spiritual art, symbolism and other metaphysical subjects. I believe that knowledge does not become wisdom until it is applied, used or shared. This is how we learn and grow.

I have been actively involved in the field of metaphysics since 1993 and continue to learn through personal studies and other workshops that interest me. I am a Reiki II practitioner, a Native American Pipe Carrier, and have many years of experience in animal symbolism and dream work.

Please contact me if  you are interested in having her  teach a workshop in your local area (NJ or PA).





medicine sheildsThe Medicine Shield Workshop

The Medicine Shield is intended to be a reflection of the Self, who you are, and for expressing the dreams and talents that you want to bring into being. The term ‘medicine’ refers to anything that will help you in your life, whether it is for a personal dream, a healing, or an enhancement of skills as well as for protection. This particular shield is meant to call in one of your personal animal totems to aid your on your souls journey in this lifetime.

This workshop consists of taking shamanic journey to discover what your animal totem is and painting it on deerskin with acrylic paints, attaching it to a wooden hoop then decorating it with beads and feathers.




birdwoman_BSigns, Symbols and Synchronicities Workshop

Why do you keep seeing the same number? What does it mean when a hawk flies by your car while driving home? How do you know when to leave a relationship, start a new career, or move? These types of signs, symbols and synchronicities are the way that the Soul and the Universe communicates with us through dreams, visions, and the external world.

This workshop teaches you how to interpret the symbols, understand the signs and when to follow the synchronicities of your life as you step into another world that is often profound, mysterious, magical, and loving.


Pegasus -blogThe Dream Workshop

Dreams contain messages in the form of symbols, much like Hieroglypics, which can be confusing if you don’t understand the language of dreams. The only way to understand your dreams, is to learn how to decode the symbols. Once you have an understanding of your own personal dream symbols, you can become proficient at solving problems, achieving goals, restoring self-awareness and experience a new level of empowerment.

Dreams are your dress rehearsals for life, and as such, they prepare you for what lies ahead. This allows you the opportunity to test the waters of possible futures by trying on roles and activities ahead of time. They can also contain warnings or guidance from beyond this world as well as your own subconscious.

The Dream Workshop is designed to teach you the basics of dream work and provide a foundation that will help you uncover the hidden messages of your dreams.

You will learn how to:
• Keep a dream journal
• Remember your dreams
• Recognize your own set of dream symbols
• Use dream incubation as a tool
• The basics of dream interpretation
• My special method for interpreting dreams