You came, but could not stay long, you said.
I opened my heart to you anyway.
Two travelers on separate paths had merged.
Time passed, and you had to leave.
I couldn’t go with you.
Then you left,
And pain came to me with relentless hands.
Hearts break, and so did mine, I said.
Two travelers on a path, that diverged.

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  1. Charles

    We are only the threads of soul traveling along parallel lines.
    Thus could we intertwine and transverse the boundaries
    of our own dreams and predestinations we could put ourselves in the pathway of other’shearts.

    1. Shelley Szajner

      Thank you for such a wonderful response to my poem. The depth of your prose does me honor and inspires me to write with more soul-baring honesty. You write beautifully!

      ~May you enter the doorway of your own choosing and feast upon the sights…

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