I began studying the Symbolic Language of the Soul in earnest after I started having dreams and synchronicities that were so compelling and mystifying that I couldn’t ignore them. An active dreamer since childhood, I didn’t begin listening to the wisdom of my own dreams until I underwent a ‘dark night’ of the soul experience that eventually transformed me.

A very intense and powerful period of dreaming followed. I received many messages that changed the way I looked at the subconscious mind and its connection to the waking world forever. I had to know the source of these other-worldly messages and why I was getting them. So I set out on a quest for the truth, my truth, and in the process developed a high level of discernment and trust in my intuition. Those dream messages and the amazing synchronicities that followed saved my life, but they also knocked me out of my comfort zone, challenging me to grow and become the person that I am today.

Because of this revolutionary change in my world view, I discovered the language of symbols. This was the fountainhead of an awakening that is still ongoing as my consciousness continues to expand. I won’t kid you, this path does present some unique challenges, but each step that I took towards living an authentic life has brought me more happiness, fulfillment, creativity, inspiration, miracles and joy as I learned to trust in the process.

Authentic Power is the ability to own your divinity, your true Self and not be afraid of it. Who are you not to be so glorious and beautiful?

I am offering the following services to anyone on their Sacred Path towards Wholeness:

• Soul Illuminating Experience

Dream Alchemy

• Wisdom Fest (Tarot)