mermaid_smallThis illuminating and life changing one hour session will provide you with guidance and support to help you understand the messages that are coming from your Soul via dreams, synchronicities, and psychic experiences. Gain clarity on the deepest part of your Self and the way in which it communicates with you through the higher language of symbols. With this advanced knowledge you will be able address any blocks or issues and chose the best path to take on your journey towards wholeness, abundance, empowerment, and joy.

Are you ready to transform your life no matter what it looks like?

Do you want to have a deeper relationship with your Soul?

Are you ready to experience magic and joy in your life?

Do you want to manifest all that you desire?

Do you want to develop your own internal guidance system (IGS) and find answers to any problem that you may have?


• Learn how to create an intimate relationship with your Soul and the Universe.

• Learn a variety of manifesting techniques.

• Find Spiritual solutions to the challenges that you are facing.

• Learn how to tune-in to your true Soul voice to get loving guidance and support.

• Discover the meaning of your own symbols and how you can use them to guide you to your best life possible.

• Gain clarity on the synchronicities that appear.

• Heal self-limiting blocks

• Discover the hidden meaning in your dreams.

• Develop your Soul muscles.


How I work:

All sessions are done through Skype. Once an appointment is booked, I will send you an email with my contact information and any details needed for our session. I look forward to helping you discover the magical life your soul is longing for.

Investment in You:

(Sliding Scale)

$35 – $75