I’ve read enough prophesies over the years to make my head spin like Linda Blair’s, in The Exorcist (movie). Most prophesies scare the hell out of me, so I stopped reading them altogether. But every once in a while a straggler slips by my radar screen and I just have to take a look. This happened today.

I saw a post on Facebook about predictions from the prophet, Mitar Tarabic, via a link to a web site touting this man’s accuracy. He made predictions prior to World War I on through and up to World War III. Let me tell you right now that I don’t believe there will be a World War III.

But if this man’s accuracy was so good, then how can what I say be true? Aren’t we headed on a collision course towards destruction? Many people would have you believe this to be true, and so did Mitar Tarabic. And he was correct about all the Wars at the EXACT time that he made his prediction.

Funny thing about time though, it’s not what we once thought it was, and Quantum theorists are giving Old Man Time a run for his outdated money with their recent discoveries about the nature of our time/space continuum.

It appears that the past, present and future exist simultaneously. And to add more to this strange pot of stew, time is collapsing as we approach 2012. And when it does collapse, there will be no more, past or future. Everything will exist in the NOW or present moment.

So what will the effect of this ‘time collapse’ be like on us, hurry up and wait humans? Guess we’ll just have to experience this together and find out. I suspect that synchronicities will be happening at an astonishing rate and very quickly too. Haven’t you noticed them happening in your own life already? I certainly have, and it’s proof to me that time is already shifting, changing and collapsing.

Now back to my predictions about predictions. Mitar Tarabic (1829-1899), was an illiterate peasant from a small Serbian village called Kremna. He had experienced some prophetic visions, which he had a priest record for him.

From the point in time that he made his predictions, sometime in the 19th century, he was standing in his NOW moment looking at a future moment in time. And as he predicted, humanity, in their low vibratory state proceeded towards the future unchanged and we experienced WWI & WWII.

Are you still with me? Good. In 1987 we experienced the Harmonic Convergence and Light has been pouring onto the planet ever since then in increasing amounts, raising our vibratory rate higher and higher as it approaches 2012. Thank goodness! This has also thrown a monkey wrench in Mitar’s predictions.

How so?

The Light has altered the future because we have been altered. We jumped track, so to speak, and are experiencing an alternate reality, different from what Mitar had seen in our future. What he saw was correct UNTIL 1987. At that point in time, the game board changed.

For example, let’s say Mitar got into a time machine, traveled to our time, 2010, and started having a vision. What do you think he would see? He would have a totally different prediction of the future than he did last century because we have changed. Depending on where you stand in your NOW moment, making predictions, the outcome will be always be different. Predictions are not set in stone, and with time becoming ever more fluid, so to is the future.

And speaking about alternate realities, let’s use Harry Potter for a fun example. In his first movie, Harry stands on the train platform looking for his train but can’t find the track. The other Hogwarts students take their carts, run into a wall and disappear.

Harry must do the same thing and after a few tries, he successfully enters the other train track, or Alternate Reality. The Hogwarts train track was right alongside of the Muggles train tracks, but it was hidden until Harry learned how to access it. We have alternate realities existing simultaneously like the train tracks in the Harry Potter film.

Around 1998 I had a full-blown vision of myself in the future. It was like watching a movie. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it since. I was in my 60’s with long hair and a bandanna on my head. I was in a garden with blue skies overhead and surrounded by conifer trees. I was with other women and I felt great peace and happiness.

My vision of the future is very different than Mitars. So who is right? Maybe I jumped to another track or alternate reality and we aren’t going to all die in an atomic WW III. Or perhaps everyone will just be experiencing something different because we are all Creators after all, creating our own reality. Well, whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m going to keep on doing it, because something very good is waiting for me just over the horizon.

I have to say that on some days I feel like a pioneer, learning as I go, discovering what this new Earth is all about. Want to join me?

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  1. Denny

    Wow Shelley…I have had a couple of these *jumps…..they seem to end the same….but I am with different people in them. Dont really have words for this. I am happy to see I am not alone 🙂

    1. Shelley Szajner

      Hi Denny,
      There’s lots of strange things going on these days! I feel weird sometimes too. Can’t rightly explain it other than I feel I’m in another place. I’m glad to see I’m not alone either. LOL.

  2. Carly Hunter

    Funny you should use the Harry Potter analogy in talking about alternate reality’s! Some months ago I had a dream in which I went to the movies and as I sat in my seat it turned into an old school desk, next thing I knew I was zooming through an alternate reality in which witches and wizards existed just like in Harry Potter! Waves of information fell over me. When I returned to the theatre I was very emotional! I was then approached by a kind lady who turned out to be a witch. She said “I know its hard, its a lot to take in!”

    Love your blog!

    Kind Regards from Aus!


    1. Shelley Szajner

      Hi Carly!

      Glad you love the blog! I’m currently working on an ebook about my mystical experiences over the past 15 years in the form of essays. It’s been fun to write and I hope to publish it this year. Your Harry Potter dream sounds amazing—would love to have a dream like that one! Thanks for sharing.

      Hugs, Health and Happiness,

      p.s. See you at Hogwarts 🙂

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