PIZZA! PIZZA! Is there a doctor in the house?

Be careful what you wish for—in my case it’s pizza (Note to self: I hope they make pizza in heaven because I sure do love the stuff!)

Now onto my story…

This past Friday I was driving home and I noticed a car with a license plate in front of me that was unusual; PZA MD. “Hey, that’s a Pizza Doctor,” I chuckled to myself. “THAT’S the job for me!” I even posted this on Face Book and got a lot of mileage out of it. Seems we all could use a Pizza Doctor now and then, and I sure needed one today…

Pizza_sliceI decided to order pizza from Piezanno’s, a local place near my work. They’ve got great pizza and I was hungry, especially after all the pizza talk in recent days. I drive the mile that it takes to get there and pull into the parking lot but Piezanno’s is gone. They moved, but where?

I call the number at work and get Grace in shipping. After ten minutes of conversation and being put on hold, she finally directs me to the new location of said pizza place. But after 15 minutes of driving I could not find it, so I pulled over and called again. This time I got Pat, the receptionist and before I could say my name she put me on hold. Ahhhh! By now I was frustrated AND hungry. I finally get transferred to Grace. Apparently I made a right when I should have made a left.

I get on the road once more and backtrack my way across town. All the landmarks she mentioned were there, including a few other pizza establishments, but still no Piezannos. OK, so now what? I pulled into a place called MaraVillas Italian Restaurant and Grill. Maybe they know where the escaped convict is? Turns out they do— MaraVillas IS Piezanno’s! They not only moved, they changed their name.

So after nearly an hour of searching, I pay for my pizza and inhale a lukewarm slice while driving back to work. It drips all over my pants, of course, but I don’t care—it’s pizza!

And I just earned 3 credits towards my degree in Pizza-ology!

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  1. Sally Franklin Christie

    Is that you in the photo? If it is, you look like a junkie waiting for a fix. lol. There must be pizza in heaven because you had to go through **** to get one.

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