Whenever I watch or read the news my happiness balloon would burst. I soon realized that feeding my head with conflict, fear, violence, and suffering was NOT for me.

It’s not that I don’t want to stay current on events going on around the world, but right now in my world, I am sitting here peacefully enjoying my lunch, listening to music and feeling the warm sun on my back. My present moment is not full of conflict, fear, violence or suffering.

I have much compassion for everyone, I really do. My greatest wish is to end suffering, so I pray for the entire EARTH daily. But I also understand the laws of physics, and your rate of vibration is what you will attract. So, to keep my vibe high I had to get off the drugs.


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  1. Naturi Beauty/Shelley Chapman

    Wow, well stated! These are my sentiments exactly. The bits of news that have received the most attention as of recent have gone from Tiger Woods to the earthquake in Haiti. While, I value being grounded in a way that keeps me connected to the masses, I also value observing current phenomena without being swept away by it, because I too realize that my attention, focus and feelings will create my reality. In my agreement to be apart of this world, I also agreed to consciously create better realities. I cannot afford to let the “news” which isn’t always accurate, despite the images we may see, affect my creative conscious efforts and detract away from my own divine magnificent experience. Thanks for this post, it’s affirming to know that others “get it”. Have a beautiful day.

  2. ukeedog

    I had to give up news for the same reason. I just can’t start my day with everything that’s wrong in the world. There’s willfully ignorant, which I am not, and then there’s dwelling on all that’s bad in the world.

    I don’t need to know how someone was killed horribly somewhere. I certainly don’t need the details that they love to report. I KNOW our earth is suffering, I know the ocean is dying, but focusing on the damage isn’t going to help.

    Focusing on the solution does help. It helps me too.

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