Meditation: Praying Mantis, Partis Deux

I woke up feeling rather crappy. It was Friday, after all, and I’d been burning the candle at both ends all week, juggling work, home, bank, college (looking into taking a class), friends, both online, and live, breathing ones, my graduate-school-bound son (who just got a cold), my very demanding cat (I do love her, really I do, sans the barf-balls she leaves all over the house), the novel that I’m writing, plus all of the other wonderful creative ideas that are bombarding me right now but can’t get to. I need a cloning device please.

The timely visitor, hanging out at my window

No wonder I was feeling like doggy-doo! I didn’t want to accept the fact that I couldn’t run on a hamster wheel without rest (hamster brain, hamster brain … I did have a hamster once, Scooter was his name, and I’m proud to say that he lived for 4 years), but the body has a way of telling you to stop, as it did with me today. So I plunked down onto the floor, near the ottoman and grabbed my aqua blue bowl filled with crystals, intending to do a meditation when I spotted a Praying Mantis hanging on my window screen above my herb garden outside my front door. I knew instantly what the message was; time to slow down and meditate. Praying Mantis is the quintessential symbol for moving into stillness, quieting the mind and letting go of the external world.

Meditation, when I do it regularly, has been a great “chill pill” for me. I can actually feel the difference in my body afterwards, the energy coursing through my meridians and chakras, making me feel whole again. It’s a wonderful way to stay grounded, focused and calm throughout the day. There was a study done recently that proved regular meditation kept the brain healthy and young. That’s great news, because I don’t want to get old (that’s an interesting topic I will address on my blog in the near future), or at least slow down the aging process or dare I say, halt it altogether, which I do believe is possible, especially as the frequencies increase on the planet and prepare us for Ascension, which is taking us into the 5th Dimension (that’s another long topic that is quite real but if you want in-depth articles about same and more, visit 2012 Scenario).

My cat meowing at me, after I scolded her for scaring the Praying Mantis up the window.

Grabbing a few crystals from my bowl, I settled into my lotus pose, preparing for meditation. Closing my eyes, I took three deep breaths, focusing on my first chakra at the base of my spine. I imagined a root coming out of it and moving down to the crystal core of the Earth, then bringing up the energy of the earth to my first chakra (this is how I ground). I then imagined myself connected to the New Earth Grid and timeline, the alternate reality I want to be on (love, peace, abundance, joy), then began seeing a reverse spiral of energy like a tornado, going around me counter clockwise (clockwise is the death spiral and keeps you locked in the 3D of duality, lack, suffering and death. Counter clockwise is the opposite). Taking a deep breath, I exhaled, sending the spiral up to the 12th dimension, which is filled with golden light, untouched by negativity, and where your Monad (highest self) resides. I did this by counting in my head up to the number 12. Once there, I inhaled, imagining that I was bringing that same golden light, in the form of a golden ball, down the spiral and into the top of my head. I took another deep breath and brought it to my heart, expanding it next into all of the cells in my body, then finally out into my auric shield, sealing up any tears, holes, or weaknesses. (Your aura is your protective shield of energy, similar to a ball of light around your body and when it’s been weakened by illness, trauma, loss, etc., negativity in many forms can enter and cause all sorts of problems).

I then brought the golden ball to my first chakra, seeing it being healed and recharged. Then, I exhaled quickly, envisioning all of the junk and negativity leaving that chakra. I did the same thing, by moving the golden, healing ball of light to my other 6 chakras, expelling all the negativity. When I was finished, I brought the spiral back down and relaxed, sitting quietly. This meditation is great for chakra clearing, grounding, and keeping one’s connection to your higher self, as well as keeping your vibration high, and on a positive time line.

Whenever I see a Praying Mantis, I will remember to connect to the stillness within. He is a great reminder.

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  1. Jan

    I haven’t ever seen a Praying Mantis in my neck of the woods so I wonder what is our complimentary creature here? Hmmmm. Glad that you wrote, it’s good to see what you’re up to. 😀

  2. Shelley Szajner

    Hi Jan, I’m not sure what what would be the equal to a P. M., but a bear would be close, in the idea of going within, like a bear does with hibernation. Bear also represents the pineal gland, that is in the middle of the brain, hence, the ‘going within’. Thanks for stopping by, and keep up the excellent work with your painting 🙂

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