I love knowing the essence of things. And trees in winter are the perfect metaphor for this. They stand naked, like bare bones, revealing themselves to us in pure form, without a green mask of leaves.

Purity. Beauty. Truth.

It was this driving need to know my I AM presence that set me on the Path of Beauty in search of my own Truth over a decade ago. I did find the real me, but I had to uncover it first, strip it bare, and then purify it many times in the fire. It was covered with so much pain, false beliefs, ancient memories and karma that it took the Warrior in me to set it right, and to reclaim my Soul Sovereignty once again.

In all that searching what treasures did I find?

As I focus within I see a radiant, magical child, happy, creative, full of joy and glowing with golden light. She is sitting in a giant tree, laughing. I also see the mystical wild woman, the one unafraid to BE. That is my essence—the real me. And boy, am I glad to be back! It was worth all the trials and suffering I had to go through to achieve this state of Purity, Beauty and Truth.

I came home.

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