birdwoman_BThis powerful one hour session will provide you with incredible insight into one or two of your dreams and the dream messages contained within them. The answer to any dream is built inside of it and finding it is key to helping you heal, make a decision, find a solution, or prevent a problem from happening. Sometimes, dreams can be warnings. Learn how to decode your dreams by discovering your own personal symbols through dream work. This is achieved by delving into your subconscious mind and examining your conscious day to day life. The subconscious stores an enormous amount of information about your life and provides clues to your hidden emotions, feelings, fears, wounds or desires and releases that information in your dream state. Learn what your subconscious Self has to say about you through your dreams.


Do you have strange dreams but don’t understand what they could possibly mean?

Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual development?

Do you want to learn techniques that will increase your dreaming potential?



• Gain a deeper understanding about the nature of your own subconscious.

• Look deeply into one or two dreams and discover the answer inside of them.

• Heal from past wounds.

• Discover the hidden meaning in your dreams.

• Learn about dream incubation.

• Discover powerful techniques to help you decode your own dreams.



Please have your dreams  submitted to me 24-48 hours before the appointment.


How I work:

All sessions are done through Skype. Once an appointment is booked, I will send you an email with my contact information and any details needed for our session. I look forward to helping you uncover the messages in your dreams.

Dream Rate:

(Sliding Scale)

$35 – $75