DIYLately I’ve been seeking my own counsel. Not that others can’t help me, for indeed they have and still do, but I’ve found that with an increasing work load, (Saturn is sitting on my Ascendant), I have little time left to make regular appointments with a professional counselor. Also, I need answers pronto, so what better way to get them than from myself? For example, if you want to have a better career, stop a bad habit, make a financial decision, find the right diet, or maybe pick a vacation spot—just ask your inner life coach.

Welcome to “Be Your Own Life Coach 101.” Pull up a chair and take a seat. I’m going to show you exactly how this works for me, and hopefully you’ll come away with a few tips or tricks so that you can use to access your own inner life coach (ILC).

Take a few deep breaths. Relax. Now close your eyes (only after you read this of course), you are going on a meditative journey with me as your guide. We are going to visit my inner life coach.

Imagine that you are walking down a spiral staircase made of white marble. Observe your feet as they descend the steps, taking notice of your surroundings. At the bottom of the staircase you find yourself facing a beautiful garden. Walking through the stone archway, you enter a garden, smelling all of the fragrant, blooming flowers of every kind and your favorites are carefully placed on either side of the flagstone footpath that is leading towards a house at the end of the walled garden. Water fountains and small ponds with fat gold fish are artfully placed on the lush grounds as you walk along the winding footpath.

You enter the front door of the house, a sprawling Victorian with a wrap around porch and high back rocking chairs carefully arranged on every side. Walking through the short entryway, noticing the bright colors of the oriental carpet on the gleaming hardwood floor, you follow it as it takes you down a long, wide hallway. Doors are on either side, each one different in color, shape and design. Choose the one that attracts you the most.

Step inside.

Take a seat in one of the two comfortable chairs that are facing each other. A petite woman quietly enters the room from another door on the opposite side of the cozy, sunlit and airy room. She is Asian and smiles at you lovingly. Her glasses are perched on her small nose. “How can I help you?” Your ILC says to you.

“I’d like to know what foods are best for me to eat, especially now that I’m forty-something,” you respond.

“Well, you first must cut back on all flours and sugar,” ILC says. “And you must eat less food.”

You nod your head, wondering if a low calorie pizza would taste good. Probably not.

“Also, cleansing your liver is important. Colonics would work nicely for that but also eating a vegetarian diet for a few weeks would work as well.”

You cringe thinking about all the enemas you’d have to endure. The other option sounds better.

“Drink more water too,” ILC admonishes. “You are dehydrated!”

“I can do that,” you say, thinking of all the bathroom trips you will now have to make.

“Yoga is working good for you, so do more of that and continue going to the gym. And meditate everyday as well. You need it to distress.”

“What about my diet,” you say. “What kind of food should I eat?”

ILC peers at you over her glasses. “Stay away from anything that is processed. Eat natural and organic. Raw smoothies are excellent for you as well as whole grain dishes. Some meat is OK, like turkey, chicken or fish as long as it’s organic or free range or wild caught. Eat ocean vegetables for minerals and incorporate Superfoods, into your diet.”

You take mental notes and then get up to leave.

You walk back the way you came, out the door, through the hallway, past the garden and up the winding staircase. You open your eyes.

After you’ve established a solid connection with your ILC, you won’t have to go into a meditation like the one I just shared with you all of the time and will only have to ask a question in your mind and the answer will come from your ILC instantly.

You can use your own ILC for anything that you need help with. It’s a great way to get answers and helps boost your confidence by learning to trust your own guidance.

Now where’s that pizza?

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  1. Jan

    Nice share … good for you. I, myself, will be going to couples therapy on Thursday, which is looooooooong overdue … got a serious *couples* issue to address. Some things I still need outside counsel. But I’ll bet that my inner life coach has been stewing-brewing on this too and that she’ll come to terms with whatever serves the highest possible good for all concerned.

    Shelley, I think you’re one cool-together woman … glad to call you my pal. 🙂

  2. Shelley Szajner

    Hi Jan! I agree that there are times when we DO still need outside counsel, and have found it extremely helpful. I have found that my Inner Life Coach is great for lighter issues, and until we all become more adept at handling the deeper ones ourselves, outside help is best.

    And thank you for the compliment! Right back at ya, pal 🙂

  3. Jennifer M Eaton

    Ha! Where’s that pizza.

    For me it’s chocolate. At least it’s dark chocolate, so I can scream “antioxidants”

    1. Shelley Szajner

      I love chocolate, Jennifer! It’s right up there with pizza 🙂

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