Tick Tock, goes the clock. Time never seems to stop. But if you pause, and take a breath, You'll see. That time was never meant to be. It WILL collapse, And then you'll be free.

180 Degrees

Who likes Jury Duty? Well it’s not me, thank you very much. Especially since I live in Camden County, NJ. The courthouse is in the city of Camden, and for those of you who have never been to this HELL…


You came, but could not stay long, you said. I opened my heart to you anyway. Two travelers on separate paths had merged. Time passed, and you had to leave. I couldn’t go with you. Then you left, And pain…

Moon Dance

Come love, let us dance under the moon, And feel the night as it wraps us up in blue. Hear me, as I whisper your name, Let me enrapture you. Feel there, in the quiet of your mind, The stirring…

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