Animal Symbolism Series—Frog

It’s so easy to slip into negative thinking. Like a silky glove it slips around my mind, effortless and smooth, that I don’t notice when it has glided back on. I had invested so many years in negative thinking that you’d expect someone like me to have a financial portfolio that would rival any top investor. I had trained myself long ago to get out of that type of destructive mindset, but if I’m not vigilant it will return, and when it does, something inevitably happens to bring it to my attention.

This time it was someone that I had started dating. New romantic interests tend to bring up my worries and fears like a teenage girl’s crush, “he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me—so why doesn’t he call me?” And then I’m off galloping at the stupid cupid races. Well, this very same guy texted me one night and asked me why I was seeing the negative in everything. Was I really being like this? Oh the horrors! I was embarrassed, but at the same time grateful too. I really had been thinking worst case scenarios and relaying that negative vibe to him.


On my way to work the next morning, I had to stop at the bank and was wondering what animal I should write about for my next blog post. As I swung my car around, heading for the automatic teller machine, I spotted a green critter on the pavement—a frog. It was a child’s toy, abandoned, and still covered in the mornings frost. I scooped it up, chuckling. Ah, yes, here it is, my newest animal symbol coming to me in an obvious way. Lately, this is how I’ve been getting all of my blog posts written, the animal symbolism ones. I never know which animal that I will be writing about, and have decided to let them approach me. I enjoy the surprise visits.

Frog is a symbol for cleansing of any kind, and for me at least, frog was letting me know that my mind needed a good scrubbing. Frog is linked to the element of water and water is very healing and cleansing to the body and soul. The color green is also a healing color and linked to the heart chakra. If you are worn out, weak, sad, tired, irritated, or thinking one negative thought after another, its time to take a break and clear your mind. Deep breaths help me to get centered and recharge my batteries from anything negative. I often envision swimming in a clear pond with lily pads and frogs swimming around me too.

Besides being a wonderful healing symbol, frogs are cute, that’s why Miss Piggy loves Kermit so much.

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