Animal Symbolism Series—Mourning Dove

Sitting quietly on the floor, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it was like to be God (the one ruling this Universe). Honestly, I just wanted to feel her love for me—a warm, golden-pink light that I could breath in slowly, letting it fill all of my cells so that it would transport me to another place, one of great beauty and joy. I needed that kind of love. The world outside of my 900 square foot abode that I call home is crazy! There is too much death, violence, anger and drudgery in that world.

We were not meant to live that way. I know it deep in my bones and suspect that many others feel the same. I longed for a peaceful, loving, abundance-filled world—The Golden Age. But it’s not here. Yet. I breathed again, imagining that same golden-pink light coursed through my organs this time and had the thought or realization that God loves God. How can she not love her SELF? And if I am God, then I have to love my SELF, even if my Ego refuses to listen to that blatant crockery of a slick infomercial. I still wear deodorant, don’t finish projects, work at a dead end job, drive an old car, have crooked teeth, and use the toilet. What God does that? You’re not a God, Shelley. Get over yourself already.

Yet, if God is Love, than I am Love. God loves God. God loves me because I am God. And when I meet God, I am meeting my SELF—I am meeting Love. I have come home. It is that same deep Love of SELF that will raise your frequency. And when your raise your vibration or frequency, you will experience more of God—more Love.

Damn the Ego, I want Love.

I sighed, then heard a Mourning Dove coo as it flew by my open window. I smiled. Mourning Dove is my given name and means, Spiritual Messenger. The message was clear today.

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