I’m a published author who writes Mystical Fantasy stories for middle grade and Nonfiction for adults, as well as personal essays on a variety of metaphysical topics.

I’m also an artist and can often be found in my studio working on an illustration for my upcoming children’s book or creating magical flower faery art.

I love writing and art, but I also love anything to do with the metaphysical realm: tarot, dreams, intuition, ghosts, messages from Spirit, animal signs, synchronicities, magic, faeries, UFOs, alternative medicine, meditation, energy healing. You name it, I’ve probably tried it!

I’m also a professional Tarot Reader and have read for hundreds of clients over the past 12 years.

Teaching is another hat that I enjoying wearing, and I currently offer workshops locally in Dreamwork, Symbolism, Manifesting and Mystical Art. In the near future I will offer classes online.

I am someone who who embraces her magical child heart with joy and laughter. I’m glad — no, I’m ecstatic that I never grew up! Life is much more fun with imagination in the driver’s seat.

With a hot cup of Earl Grey tea in my hand, I will gladly discuss the cosmos, or the dream that you had last night, or the meaning behind the synchronistic events that happen in our lives via the signs and symbols coming from the Universe that guide us everyday.

Hint: If you happen to notice an Ant crossing your path, she’s telling you to be patient about something. If you see a Hawk, pay attention to messages coming your way. And if it’s a Skunk—run! No, really, Skunk Medicine isn’t bad. It has to do with your reputation, and if you respect yourself you will create a powerful and honored one. To see an Eagle means a Spiritual test is coming.