My name, Shelley Szajner (Shay•ner), is not an easy name to spell or pronounce, but it sounds really nice. I did change the surname to Bax for about three months, but it just wasn’t me so I changed it back. I’ve had the name Szajner since 1996 and like a favorite pair of old jeans, it just fits me well.

I’m a writer of Mystical Fantasy and Adventure Stories. I’m also an illustrator. I am someone who who embraces her magical child heart with joy and laughter. I’m glad — no, I’m ecstatic that I never grew up! Life is much more fun with imagination in the driver’s seat.

I still climb trees. In fact, I love trees! The Sycamore, Blue Spruce and  Giant Redwood are some of my favorites. Trees have a Spirit living inside of them just like we humans do. They are the Kings and Queens of the Plant World and as such are more evolved than say grass or flowers, but even they have a Spirit too. Everything does, including rocks.

My Spirit is strong but my life also had much turmoil in it, and it was my art and imagination that got me through some of the roughest parts. It became a lantern that guided me through the scariest places that I had to travel through. I’ve done much to heal the wounds from my past and through it all I’ve learned how to find the gold in the dark—the gifts of wisdom that are in every lesson.

The depth of my pain forced me to find the real me. I had to dig deeper to understand why something happened and every time I did this, I discovered another layer of myself. I kept digging and one day I hit the treasure chest. My Soul. And it shined like the Sun. It was powerful and I embraced it. Authentic Power is the ability to own your divinity, your God Self and not be afraid of it. Who are you not to be so glorious and beautiful?

Courageous, strong, independent, passionate, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive, and humorous, I think outside the box and see myself as a great observer of life as well as a humble participant, unless I get on a soapbox and present my point of view on a topic that I feel passionate about. One of my favorite topics is the Environment. I love the Earth and all her creatures and am looking forward to a Green Revolution—we need one.

With a hot cup of Earl Grey tea in my hand, I will gladly discuss the cosmos, or the dream that you had last night, or the meaning behind the synchronistic events that happen in our lives via the signs and symbols coming from the Universe that guide us everyday.

Hint: If you happen to notice an Ant crossing your path, she’s telling you to be patient about something. If you see a Hawk, pay attention to messages coming your way. And if it’s a Skunk—run! No, really, Skunk Medicine isn’t bad. It has to do with your reputation, and if you respect yourself you will create a powerful and honored one. To see an Eagle means a Spiritual test is coming.

So what else do I do? I’m a graphic designer by day and storyteller by night. I also paint and draw pictures. Come back and see what I’ve got cooking—there’s more to come!