A duck, a paper clip and Arch Angel Michael

Due to the furlough days at work and increases in other areas I started budgeting last month. I tried using online help with Quicken but it became too much for me to maintain, so I came up with another idea—the paper clip. I’ve allotted myself $100 cash per week for food and gas, folded inside of my wallet, clipped together with a paper clip that has masking tape around it, labeled food & gas. If I go over that amount by using my debit card, I record it on my pocket calendar so I can stay within my monthly budget, relieving me of worries about spending too much and going into the red. Simple but it works.

This morning I drove to the bank to withdraw my weekly $100. Just before I pulled up to the teller window, a male mallard duck walked in front me and stopped. I rolled down my window and asked him if would he kindly move out of the way so that I didn’t run over him. He quacked at me of course, but moved on, allowing me to pull up to the teller and hand him my check.

Note to self: look up the meaning of duck when you get into work.

“I hope you don’t mind, but we are all out of envelopes,” the teller said, as he delivered my cash through the window. “So I have to give you a paper clip instead.”

I took my paper clipped bills and chuckled. I’ve never gotten money from the bank with a paper clip before. So why did this happen now?

Note to self: your manifesting skills are improving.

Mallard Duck is a symbol for protection and nurturing. And it all hit me at once as I read these words after doing a Google search for ‘duck’ that Arch Angel Michael was showing up. Last spring, my purse was stolen. This was the second time that this has happened to me. Not fun. Ever since then I’ve been praying to AA Michael for protection. I even had a dream about him helping me. I ask him to protect me, my friends, family, car, book project, and job on a daily basis. I also ask him to protect my MONEY. Bingo. Now I understood why the duck was at the bank, a reminder that AA Michael was not slacking on the job.

Note to self: life is good.

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  1. Jan

    Oh, oh and oh! I love, love, love your post. So spot on … this intentional life that you are living Shelley. Your focus is inspiring …

    I love that you have a personal relationship with Archangel Michael. And that you have even dreamt of ‘him’ …

    Keep me ‘post’-ed … heh heh 😛 !

    Jan, one of your blog fans. Yup!

    1. Shelley Szajner

      Thanks, Jan, you inspire me to keep writing! Your blog is awesome too!

      p.s. I love AA Michael—he’s the best 🙂

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